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Derbyshire COVID Task Force Bulletin & Webinars


29 May 2020 briefing Government Launches NHS Test and Trace Service, COVID-19 Mobile Testing Units, Importamt Customer Alert Type IIR Masks Cardinal Health Product Concerns, Resumption of Dental Services in England, JUCD Letter to GP Practices, Dermatology Update, Sessional GP Update, Meds Management Update, Coronavirus Accessible Information Communication Toolkit, DCHS Have Invited us to Meet James Hero, Wellbeing Thught for the Weekend 

27 May 2020 briefing LMC Webinar, New Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme, Reminder GPES, New to Partnership 20K Incentive Scheme, DCHS Update on Steroid Injections, Urgent Update on F Calprotection, Orthotics Service, Menta; Health and Wellbeing Support, Suspected Lung Cancer Referrals to Secondary Care, Acutely Uwell Patients in Care Homes, CQC Scam, BMA COVID-19 Tracker Survery, Screening & Immunisation Team Update, Practice Website 

25 May 2020 briefing ( Bank Holiday Special - CQC) CQC Emergency Support Framework, Safe, Effective, Caring, responsive, Well Led, Summary 

22 May 2020 briefing Bank Holiday Monday, NHSE Primary Care Update, Urgent Update on F Calprotection, Mental Health Services Update, UHDB Services reintroduced Via MS Teams, Support for Carers, COVID-19 Mobile Testng Units, CUES (COVID Urgent Eyecare Service), Live Life Better Derbyshire Stop Smoking Service, Schools, Meds Management Update, LMC Webinar

21 May 2020 COVID-19 Special Brieifing CPR and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Managing Capacity and Demand - A Great Oppurtunity

20 May 2020 briefing Update to COVID-19 Symptoms, Orthotics Service Change of Service Delivery, Community Geriatrics Support from UHDB, Derbyshire Restorayion Plan - JUCD, Interactive Map - Pharmacy, Dental and Optometry across the East Midlands, Carsington Water Mobile Testing Unit, Domestic Abuse, CQC Emergency Support Framework, Mental Health Awareness Week, Adult Flu Vaccine Orders, IPC Guidance

18 May 2020 briefing Back to School Enquiries, Fake PPE, Management of Exposed HCWs and Patients in Health and Social Care Settings, NICE Rapid Guidelines, Re-use of Medications in Care Homes, Derbyshire Medicines Management Clinical Effectiveness, RCGP Screencasts - Mental Health and COVID, Dealing with Effects of Coronavirus

15 May 2020 briefing Death Announcement at UHDB, PPE and CPR, Care Homes, Frailty, PCN DES and Place, Bank Holiday, National Flu Immunisation Programme 2020/21,Homeless Patient Registrations & Primary Care Access during COVID-19, Testing, Changes to Integrated Sexual Health Services, Maintaining Social Distancing, Deep Cleaning Offer, Relate Relationship Survey, Visiting Arrangements for EOL, Hospital Services

13 May 2020 briefing Summary of New Government Advice, Government Advice for Working Safely, Care Home Testing, Risk Reduction Framework, Post COVID-19 Speech Problems, Meds Management Update, Red Home Visiting, Death Certification, CCG Membership Briefing, ECHO Education Session, Total Triage and Remote Consultations, Airmid, General Practice is Open, Cancer Research UK, Messaging for Overseas Visitors, LMC PCN Webinar, Guidance on How to Make and Wear Face Coverings

11 May 2020 briefing GP Approach to Risk Assesments for Staff, Death in Service, Learning Disability Health Checks, DDLMC PCN DES Webinar, Primary Care Direct Virtual Practice Managers Huddle, GP CCT Trainee Scheme, Support for GP Speciality Training, The Queen's Nursing Institute, End of May Bank Holiday, Action for Hearing Loss, Advice for People Experiencing Voice Problems, The UK Governments Recovery Strategy

07 May 2020 briefing Bloods, Weekly Mindfulness for General Practice, Wellbeing Round up, Trageted Psychological Intervention, Supporting Emotional Distress, Mental Health, Specific Welleing Offer, Integrated Webpage and Other Apps, The Future, CRH Dermatology Referral Assesment Service 

06 May 2020 briefing Support for Shielding and Non-Shielding Patients, Testing Update, Pop Up MTU, Finance Update, Living Well with Dementia Programme, Bloods, Managing Falls That May Require an Ambulance, Vale of Trent RCGP Event, IT Update, Free Taxis for NHS Staff

04 May 2020 briefing PCN DES, Practice Manger Webinar, Managing COVID-19 Symptoms, NICE Guidelines, Implications of Changes to Routine Service Provision (BMA), Death Verification & Certification & Cremation Forms, CQC Message from Local Inspection Team, Minor Eye Conditions, COVID-19 Testing, Local HCW Testing & Self Portal Testing,  Home Testing Kits and Sampling, Communicating with PPG Chairs, PHE, Med Management, Immunisations and Vaccinations, Dental Care, Every Mind Matters, Cancer Checks

01 May 2020 briefing PCN DES, District Nursing Referrals, Children's & Young People Mental Health & Wellbeing Services, Meds Man Bulletin, Death Verification, Certification and Cremation Forms, Other Clinicians Contacting Practice, Nurses in Primary Care 

30 April 2020 briefing PCN DES, Domestic Violence and Abuse, Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) for High Risk Symptomatic Patients, Community Geriatrics Support from UHDB, Scrubs, Ashgate Hospice Training, JUCD, Meds Man Bulletin, Indemnity for Patients/GP Stranded Overseas, Shielded Patients, Video Consultations

29 April 2020 briefing Locum Reimbursement for Sickness and Maternity Cover, Letter from NHSE, Renal Patients, Re-use of Medicines in Care Homes SOP, Friday 08 May - Bank Holiday,  Testing, Red Hub Taxi Services, Red Hub Guide Updated, CCAS, PPE, Infection Control

28 April 2020 briefing #LookingAfterYouToo Caoching Support for Primary Care Staff, Beyond Coaching, Homeless Population Placed at Pride Park and County Hotel, Shielded Patients, RCGP and AHSN Webinar, Health at Home Campaign, 

27 April 2020 briefing Paediatric Shock, NICE Updated Guidance, Dental Services, IAPT Services in Derbyshire, NHSEI Webinar, GPFV Time for Care, PPE Specifications, Safeguarding Updates, Template Letters, Increased Patients Information, Domestic Abuse, Social Prescriber, Meds Management Update 

24 April 2020 briefing Testing, May BH, British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin Letter, Vitamin D Benefits, Local Testing Experiences, IT Updated on remote Access Solutions, Diabetes in Red Hus, Update on Shielding, Splenectomy Patients, QOF Year End Process, Clinical Updates, Infection in Pregnancy, Antenatal and Postnatal Services, Ramadan  

23 April 2020 briefing  NHSE Primary Care Webinar, NHS Volunteers, CCAS, COVID-19 Expenses, Workforce (students and returners/increasers/locums), British Sign Language, Minor Eye Conditions, Repeat COVID symptoms, Ashgate Hospice training event.

22 April 2020 briefing Ramadan, Safeguarding Managing Risk to Vulnerable Children and Responding to Safeguarding Concerns, Shielded Patients, Sending ReSPECT Forms to the CRH Electronic Document Repository, GP Practice and PCN Expenses, Phlebotomy, Minor Eye Conditions, NHSE Primary Care Bulletin, Giving News of a Patients Death to a Loved One, Practice Nurse Support, Decontamination Offer

21 April 2020 briefing Smears, CRH Update, HGV Medical, Toolkit for GPs and GP Practices, Beware Scam Offers of PPE, Managing locally held vaccine stock in primary care and the use of Patient Group Directions in Primary Care Networks, Finance Update, NHS111/CCAS, IT Warning, Free Beyond Coaching Resillience Toolkit

20 April 2020 briefing Minor Surgery DES Payments, COVID-19 and Death Certificates, Electronic Cremation Medical Certificates, Changes to Sick Pay Guidance, Clinical Pathways, Dementia Complex Palliative Care Resource, End of Life Guidance, DCHS Update, Resuscitation, PPE and HCW, NHSE Absense Rate Tool, General Practice DoS to Report General Practice Capacity, Clinical Guidelines for Children with Care Needs, Pharmacy and Optometry Services, Ramadan,

17 April 2020 briefing Vitamin B12 Management, Tele-dermatology Advice and Guidance, Phlebotomy Update, Staff Testing for COVID, BMA Model Locum Contract, DCHS Update, Letter to GP Practices Regarding Patients with Long Term Conditions, CCAS Addendum for EMIS Practices, CCG Press Release

16 April 2020 briefing Childrens Surgery, Community Support, Face Visors, Discharge and Admission Avoidance process, Admission Avoidance and Referrals, EOL, RCGP Guidance on Workload Prioritisation durin COVID, Community Response Hubs, NHS GoodSAM App, Community Health Services

15 April 2020 briefing Death Update, NHSE GP Preparedness Letter, NHS Immunisations, Child Health Surveillance (NIPE Infanct Check), DCHS School Age Immunisation Service, Oxygen for Hot Tubs, Dementia Complex Palliative Care, Helping Prevent Facial Skin Damage below PPE, Referrals to UHDB/CRH, CCAS/NHS11Direct Booking, IT, NCES Virtual Desktop (VDI), Digital Response, BMA COVID-19 Survey

14 April 2020 briefing CQC, Amber Drug Monitoring, COVID-19 Cervical Screening Programme, Wellbeing, Offer of Wellbeing and Support Presentation, Marie Curie, Emergency Dentistry, DVLA Medicals. NHS 111 Isolation Notes, CCAS/NHS111 Direct Booking, IT, VDI, Laptops, Away from my Desk, ONS Information

13 April 2020 briefing Nice rapid guidance, staff wellbeing, Pharmacy updates, CQC, Dispensing Doctors' Association, Rapid Access Scheme, Chronic Fratility Score, Clinical Updates, GP-S, Offers of Wellbeing and Support

11 April 2020 briefing  Weekend Bulletin Special, Shielded Patient Letters, GPC Summary, Patients who Self Identified Through Cabinet Office Site, Shielded List, NHS Digital Shielded Patients List Hub, NHS Digital, Letter Template

09 April 2020 briefing EoL updates,  HR Update on Staff Sick Pay, Blood Tests at CRH and Easter Bank Holidays Pathology, Notifiable Disease, Verification of Death, Blood Tests at CRH, DCHS Delivery Plan, PPE, Easter Bank Holidays Pathology, Safeguarding, School Nursing Scheme, Education Resources, IT, Care Planning, HR SSP

08 April 2020 briefing  Non-CCG locally Commissioned Services, Managing Symptomatic Patients, Scams, Easter Bank Holidays HR and Finance, Testing, PPE, IT, Microsoft Teams, TPP Consent Override, Away from my Desk, Free Heath Education England (HEE) e-Learning, Rapid Guidelines, HR Update Staff Sick Pay

07 April 2020 briefing  EMAS Update, Easter Bank Holidays HR and Finance, Testing, SOPs, EMAS Update, Easter Bank Holidays, HR and Finance, Finance, Criteria for Testing, The Good SAM NHS Volunteering Scheme, EOL, DNACPR, Red Home Visiting Service, IT, CCAS, Away from my Desk

06 April 2020 briefing  Mental Health Support Line, GP Practice HCW testing now live on limited nos and roles, 2ww cancer referrals, UHDB, 2WW Cancer Referrals, PPE, CCG, Face Shields, Indemnity, IT, Away from my Desk, Meds Management, PCN DES BMA Guidance, COVID Calm Website, Easter Bank Holidays, Resources

05 April 2020 briefing  BMA Update, Employee Assistance Programme, GMC Registration, Thrive App, GPTF Buddy Scheme, NHS 111/CCA/GP Connect, Vulnerable Patients, BMA Update, Community Pharmacy Opening Times,  Clinical Updates, NICE Rapid Guidelines, PCRS, CPR and DNACPR, Testing

03 April 2020 briefing  DCHS Update, Clinical Guides and Updates, Testing, CQC, Vulnerable Patients, Call for Nurses and HCAs, Shielded Patients, PPE, Clinical Guides and Updates, Cremation Form 4, Online Booking Blood Tests, Finance, IT General Update, IT Remote Access, IT Admin Rights, CCG Comms Page

02 April 2020 briefing  Extremely Vulnerable Patients, Community Sexual Health Services Update, Returning GPs, PPE Updated Guidance, EOL, PCN DES, Funding, PCN Support Payment, Service Specifications, PCN Clinical Directors, BMA, PPE, Managing Long Term Conditions, Home Oxygen, Finance, IT, Pharamcy, Referral

01 April 2020 briefing   National Daily PM briefings, Testing for HCWs, Pharmacy, Vulnerable Patients, Easter Bank Holidays, Med 3 Sick Pay Update, Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Self-Isolating Patients, Shielded Patients, PPE,  Finance, Death, IT, Red/Green Hubs

31 March 2020 briefing Patient complaints, Easter Bank Holidays, Death, EOL, Vulnerable Patients, Testing for HCWs, Med 3 Update, Cremation, IT, Red Hub, Webinars, Remote Working, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

30 March 2020 briefing  PPE, Returning retired GPs, GP Support and Training, Staff Wellbeing, Vulnerable Patients, Returning Retired GPs, Easter Bank Holidays, GP Support and Training, EOL, Death, IT, Funding and Cash Flow

27 March 2020 briefing  Remote consultations, Vitamin B12, Home Visiting Service, Staff Wellbeing,  Coronavirus Act 2020, PPE, Financial Support, GP Support and Training, Pharmacy Updates, Vitamin B12, IT, District Nursing Update,  

26 March 2020 briefing Staff Wellbeing, Employee Assistance Programme, National Updates and Pharmacy Updates, Thrive Mental Wellbeing, PPE, Death Certifications, Crematorium Forms, Financial Support, GP Support and Training, GPTF Buddying Scheme, Pharmacy Updates, Immunisations for New-borns, Subject Access Requests, Medicals, NHSE Webinar   

25 March 2020 briefing Indemnity, Asthma society, Local Community Resources, National PM Briefings, Pharmacy Updates, Easter Opening, Self Isolation, Thrive Mental Wellbeing, PPE, NHS Volunteers Scheme, Anitbody Testing Kits

24 March 2020 briefing  Derby Medical Chambers (Locum support), Remote Working Contingency and EoL Palliative Care, Stay at Home Advice, Vulnerable Patients, RCGP Guidance, PPE, Pharmacy Preparedness for EoL, Med 3, Inhalers and Asthma, Easter Opening, Doors Open, Financial Issues 

23 March 2020 briefing  COVID-19 Practice Plan, Wellbeing Guide, EoL, Template Letter for Patients,  Death Certification, National Daily PM Briefings, Clinical Guidelines, PPE, Contraception, Management of Staff with Underlying Health Conditions, Pharmacy Preparedness, Cancer Referrals, Social Distancing, NHS Stretched, BBC Article

20 March 2020 briefing Guidance on School Closures,  Online Self-certification Isolation Note for COVID-19, Self- Isolation, Critical Workers, How Long to Stay at Home, GPC Summary, NHSE Letter from 19.03.2020, QoF, Appraisals, BBC Radio Susie Bayley 

19 March 2020 briefing  Schools, Impact On Practices, Medical Certification, New Patient Reviews. Updated letter from NHSE, Urgent Patient Need, Collective Public Responsibility

18 March 2020 briefing  PPE, IT, FAQs, Social Distancing Measures, Critical Care Capacity

17 March 2020 briefing Key Changes, Social Distancing, Impact on Practices, Clinical Care, Remove Routine Burdens, FAQs, Pregnant Staff at Work, NHS 111 bookings, EPS, Med 3 Forms 

16 March 2020 briefing Responsibility for Care, Suspension of CQC, Press Requests, Actions for the next 24hr 

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