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Update on Test and Trace comms. This was launched last week to minimise community transmission of COVID-19, by ensuring anyone who develops symptoms can be tested quickly. If positive, close recent contacts will be traced and notified that they should self-isolate at home for 14 days.

Practices are encouraged to us the following Test and Trace comms materials added to PHE’s Campaign Resource Centre:

NHS staff are subject to the same test and trace protocols as the general public. Therefore, if a member of your practice team is contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service and advised to self-isolate, they should do so. This excludes circumstances where PPE was being worn, in accordance with current guidance on infection, prevention and control.


Cancer 2ww Referrals. During COVID-19 pandemic, 2ww referrals nationally and locally reduced to around 30% of normal activity. We have seen a steady increase in these figures, however, both CRH and UHDB are still only seeing around 60-65% of normal activity. To try and encourage more people to come forward and contact their practice, we are requesting practices send a text message out to patients between 40 -75 with the wording below:

If you have any symptoms that could indicate cancer, like blood in your urine/poo, coughing up blood or unexplained weight loss, please contact the practice

(This wording remains within the character count for one text and will be funded by the CCG)

We would urge you to continue to refer appropriate 2ww’s and assure you that our hospitals are managing referrals and recovery of treatments

F Calprotectin Update. We have been asked to let you know that both CRH and RDH are able to offer F calprotectin testing as normal from Monday 8 June. F Elastase testing is not yet available (pending installation of a safety cabinet) and we will let you know when this is available.

Restoration of Imaging at UHDB. Further to the update on Wednesday’s bulletin UHDB have asked us to share some more detail: In accordance with National and Trust guidance, the UHDB Imaging Department are planning the partial restoration of services across all specialities and all sites.

Over the last couple of months, whilst we have continued to provide urgent and cancer imaging, we have had to defer other planned and elective imaging. We plan to restart imaging for our deferred patients first, followed by other elective pathways, prioritised by clinical urgency.

In order to safely restart services, we’re making the patient journey into and around our departments as safe as possible by using designated ‘Green scanners’ and heightened infection control procedures, across all of our sites including the Nuffield Hospital. To facilitate safe scheduling of patients in Imaging we will accept only electronic referrals from 1st June onwards. This means that after 1st June, we will no longer be able to accept paper referrals.

If, as a referrer, you are concerned about Imaging organising a test for a particular patient or group of patients, then please e-mail using UHDB.imagerestoration@nhs.net . For example, if your patient is immune-compromised, please consider carefully whether imaging is required or should be deferred.

Please be aware, restoration of our services will have to take place in a phased manner associated with our restricted capacity, taking into account challenges around Covid-19. We anticipate our restored elective capacity will be approximately 60% of our previous capacity so we welcome your help in prioritising patients appropriately.

CRH Termination of Pregnancy Services. CRH have asked us to clarify a couple of points:

  • The misconception that all cases will need to attend for a scan has been causing distress for some women in this situation. Please make it clear when discussing TOP that all women will initially be assessed over the phone and will not necessarily need to be called in for a scan, which will generally only be needed if they do not know the date of their last menstrual period.
  • There have recently been 3 potential incidents of women having TOP meds posted to the incorrect address and GPs are asked to please double check the patient address when making the referral to reduce the possibility of this happening.

Dermatology RAS. This has not been as successful as initially hoped with some images received from patients and GPs not adequate to enable Dermatology clinicians to triage patients appropriately. With immediate effect, 2ww referrals to Dermatology will revert to 2ww directly bookable service and GPs are requested to continue to include good quality photographs where available.

Testing Update:

  • Changes to the Staff Testing SOP. (Attachment A). The main changes are:
    • Children aged between 6 months and 5yrs are eligible to be tested
    • Under 6mths cannot be tested

Any queries to ddccg.covid19keyhcwtesting@nhs.net

  • Covid-19 Mobile Testing Units. Details of 2 pop up MTUs:
    • 5-7 June, McArthurGlen (M1 J28)
    • 8-10 June, Darley Moor Speedway

These MTUs are not linked to the two dedicated sites at Toyota (Burnaston) and ProAct Stadium (Chesterfield).

Derbyshire Medicines Management Clinical Effectiveness Bulletin 10 (5th June 2020) Please see link to the latest bulletin.


Carers Week: 8-14 June. This year health, social care and voluntary organisations across Derbyshire are coming together during Carers Week to share the message that #CarersMatter.

The COVID 19 pandemic has been especially tough on those who are looking after a family member or friend who relies on them for support. Lockdown may have caused feelings of isolation and the pressure of not being able to access services or support in the usual ways including meeting friends, getting face-to-face advice from your GP or attending a carers support group. Over the course of the week Derbyshire Carers Association are putting on various events and practices are encouraged to advertise these using the relevant poster (Attachments B-D) or to find out more visit: h ttps://www.carersinderbyshire.org.uk/carers-week-2020

COVID Vaccine Study Volunteers. The University of Nottingham Health Service / Cripps Health Centre have had an amazing response to the first wave of recruitment for the Covid Vaccine Study. Over the last two weeks they have screened and vaccinated over 300 recruits with some excellent feedback from those involved and are now recruiting for second wave of participants for the 18-55 year age group. They are especially interested in hearing from front line healthcare workers or those who’s roles may put them at risk of greater exposure to Covid-19. The weblink for more information and to register to take part is: https://www.covid19vaccinetrial.co.uk/participate-trial . Participants must be able to attend for initial screening week commencing 15th June and vaccination week commencing 22nd June, at Cripps Health Centre, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2QW.


pandemic lead to an unprecedented change in the way that primary care services are delivered. With the subsequent easing of lockdown, it is necessary to get a single, consistent source of information to clearly set out to the public how primary care services are now operating. NHSE have now provided a script (Attachment E) that practices may wish to use. These include updates on dental services (Attachment F-H).


My thought for the weekend:

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part

Apologies for a final shameless plug in case anyone still wanted to donate to Derbyshire MIND. I have been genuinely touched by the overwhelming response to my crazy marathon challenge and it would be fantastic to nudge over £3,000. I’m going to close the donations page next Friday. Thank you and hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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