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Update to Covid-19 Symptoms. The CMO has announced an update to the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) which require self-isolation. They are:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of smell or taste (anosmia)

The Gov.uk website has been updated and the PHE Campaign Resource Centre also has updated materials which practices may wish to use.


Orthotics Service- Change of Service Delivery. Orthotics has previously been provided by UHDB, Chesterfield Royal and DCHS without any service specification. Following procurement last year, Blatchford will now provide the service in line with the national orthotics specification.

Premises are expected to remain the same for DCHS/Chesterfield patients, but only diabetic MDT and some pediatric clinics will continue to be offered at UHDB.

The new main orthotic hub shall be based at The Derby & Derbyshire Orthotic Service, The Derwent Valley Medical Centre, 18 St Marks Road, Derby DE21 6AH.

The anticipated start date is 1st June and full comms will be circulated to GP practice staff including referral forms for clinical systems next week. There is work taking place to ensure a smooth transition and review any referral backlogs to support prioritisation of the service following virtual patient contact wherever possible.

Community Geriatrics Support from UHDB. Practices are reminded that until Mon 1st June the Department of Medicine of the Elderly (DME) at UHDB will be offering telephone consultations with Consultants in Geriatric Medicine, at four fixed time slots during the afternoon. Situations where support from a geriatrician may be helpful include:

  • Uncertain prognostication in older patients with frailty and COVID-19.
  • Management and investigations of falls in the community during the pandemic.
  • Support in managing delirium and dementia in the community.
  • Issues related to polypharmacy and prognostication.
  • Advice on long-term conditions management in older people with frailty.

Advice can be given on care home residents or older people with frailty living at home. To book a slot, please contact dhft.DME@nhs.net , or phone 01332 788848 or 785347

Derbyshire Restoration Plan - Joined Up Care Derbyshire. (JUCD) has issued a plan (Attachment A) for the restoration of health and care services, following the initial peak of COVID-19. This plan will deliver the national programme for restoring treatment capacity that was paused at the start of the pandemic. See press release

Interactive Map - Pharmacy, Dental and Optometry across the East Midlands. NHSE have a mapping system to show the provision of these services across the East Midlands.

Carsington Water Mobile Testing Unit. The CCG have asked us to share that from 20th-23rd May 2020 there will be a pop-up MTU located at Carsington Water, Derbyshire, as part of the Government’s National Testing Programme, to provide swabbing facilities which are accessed through the national self-referral portal.

The two dedicated sites for staff testing at Toyota (Burnaston) and ProAct Stadium (Chesterfield) remain available for booking through the CCG.


Domestic Abuse. There has been a significant increase in the reported number of domestic abuse cases and NHSE have provided an update on measures that staff can take to support the victims. (Attachment B)

CQC Emergency Support Framework. CQC have released details about the new “support framework” for general practice. Details can be found on their website .

Mental Health Awareness Week. This runs from Monday 18th May to Sunday 24th May 2020 and the theme is ‘kindness’. The purpose is to raise awareness of mental health and mental health problems and initiate action to promote good mental health. ‘Kindness’ and mental health are inextricably linked and protecting our mental health during this pandemic period is vital in helping us to cope and recover from the psychological and social impacts of the COVID-19 virus. Find out more here or visit the Joined Up Care Derbyshire Staff Support area . The NHS have also produced a useful list of resources and contacts (Attachment C)

Adult Flu Vaccine Orders. Further to our update last week NHSE have directed the CCG to share a reminder about Flu Vaccine for the 20/21 season (Attachment D1). Practices are reminded of the 12:00 deadline tomorrow for the completion of the return (Attachment D2). There is also a reminder that aTIV should be used for over 65s (they mean 65 and over) and you will not be paid for administering QIVc to this cohort unless practices can show that aTIV vaccine was unavailable at the point of ordering.

IPC Guidance. NHSE and the CCG have produced updated IPC Guidance (Attachment E1 and E2)


I have checked and you don’t need your wetsuit to attend the MTU as it is in the car park rather than the reservoir.

In Mental Health Awareness week I’d like to share a couple of personal thoughts with you. As many of you will know I’ve had my own struggles with mental health and depression over the years and the support I got last year from the Derbyshire general practice family was absolutely amazing. Writing down or better still talking about your experiences really does help and sometimes these really difficult conversations produce some unexpected results.

  • Like many families we have had our ups and downs through this crisis and one day last week while I was out at work my 12 year daughter had a bit of a melt-down about everything that was going on (she takes after her father in that she tends to catastrophise events). When my wife mentioned this I thought I’d try and chat to my daughter about this which we did while out walking the dogs. Firstly it was very difficult to start the conversation and she didn’t want to talk but eventually she opened up when I asked if she was worried about what would happen if both of us (Mummy and Daddy) died. I explained that we had a plan and she would go and live with her godmother and her husband (very long standing friends). “How would you feel?” I asked. “Well I would be sad but at least I could still go skiing”. Glad to know my place! Later that day she did say (completely unprompted) that talking about it had really helped, which is why I share this with you to encourage you to have those conversations when you are worried.
  • I may live to regret this but since the power of getting outdoors in the fresh air and exercising is well known I have a challenge for you (me). For those that haven’t met me, I am 52 years old, slightly overweight and reasonably fit. During the lockdown I have been doing a bit of walking but not much other exercise. (I went out for a 5 mile run for the first time on Sunday since lockdown began!!). I’ve had a long running thought that I’d like to run a marathon (my last half was 15 years ago) but I’ve never quite got around to it. Despite applying I’ve failed to get a place in the London Marathon for the last 3 years. I’ve done no specific training but I’ve long held a view that the human mind is an incredible thing that can help get us through anything so, if the Derbyshire general practice family will collectively pledge over £1000 for Derbyshire MIND by 5pm on Friday 22nd May 2020, I will run 26.2 miles on Saturday. I’ve set up a Virgin Money Giving page here so if you are able to donate please do. I’ll update you in Friday’s bulletin to let you know if we’ve reached the target and the route. The challenge is on.

And what goes “now you see me now you don’t”?

polar bear on a zebra crossing. With a paw over its nose………..

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