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Welcome to our second DDLMC/GPTF weekly update, where we aim to keep you up to date with any important developments in a short and easy to read format.


Update on annual pay award for doctors and practice staff

Following the announcement on the annual pay award for doctors in England, GPC has clarified the below;

The government has announced (based on DDRB recommendation) an uplift of 2.8% for Salaried GPs.

GPC England position on the pay uplift

We do not believe that the 2.8% is enough and the BMA is pushing for this to be increased. In addition, we do not believe it is fair that Contractor GPs have not been included in this reward for the efforts during the COVID period (as government has badged the uplift this year). Junior Doctors are in a similar position and the BMA Council Chair will be meeting with the Secretary of State for Health to raise these concerns. Similarly, the GPC executive are continuing to liaise with DHSC and NHSEI to push for this COVID-reward to be extended to all GPs and we are exploring flexibilities elsewhere which might allow practices to realise this, irrespective of the government decision.

Applying the uplift

The main question we are getting is about how to apply the uplift as it currently stands, while we continue to put pressure on DHSC and NHSEI.

How any pay uplift is actually provided to salaried GPs, as with all practice staff, will be determined by the terms of their employment contract. However, practices are encouraged to provide the full 2.8% uplift for all Salaried GPs.[Even though NHSEI has confirmed to us that, as stated previously, they will not be providing further funding to support this additional 0.8% uplift for Salaried GPs, nor to support any other uplift for Contractors or practice staff above what has been agreed. Practices will therefore need to use their existing income for this year, to realise any pay uplifts].

The GMS contract regulations, and standard PMS agreement (since 2015), state that practices must employ Salaried GPs on terms no less favourable than the model contract. So all GMS practices, and those PMS practices that have agreed to that wording, must employ Salaried GPs on terms no less favourable than the Salaried GP model contract.

The Salaried GP model contract states ‘annual increments on [incremental date] each year and in accordance with the Government’s decision on the pay of general practitioners following the recommendation of the Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body’. Therefore if this wording is included in the employment contract, the full 2.8% uplift must be provided. The model contract however may be amended by agreement, so it will depend on the individual agreement between the practice and the Salaried GP. If it includes the clause above then the 2.8% must be provided. If a different annual increment/calculation is included in the contract, or if the contract is silent on this point, then the practice is still encourage to pass on the full 2.8%.

Other practice staff

The government announcement does not cover other practice staff, however we know that practices often wait for this announcement before arranging the uplifts for all of their staff. The 2019/20 contract agreement provided funding for a 2% pay uplift for all GPs and practice staff. As with salaried GPs, the reality will be based on what it states in the contract of employment but practices are encouraged to provide at least the full 2% uplift (or more if the terms of the employment contract dictate so).


Learning Disability and Autism – Premature mortality and Covid-19

Update from Dr Sohrab Panday, MH, LD&A Lead for DDCCG - People living with Learning Disabilities and Autism are at an increased risk of premature mortality and this situation may have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. In Derbyshire, since our first notification of a death of Covid-19 through LeDeR is that we have received 11 COVID-19 related deaths, 16 non-Covid deaths. This represents a 41% of notifications of deaths 31/3/2020 - 8/6/2020 have been Covid-19 related with a normal 10 week period 14 LeDeR notifications compared tp 27 received.


  1. The following wording has been developed by experts together with patients by experience “Your doctor is here to help you. If you feel physically ill (your body) or mentally unwell (feelings and emotions) please phone the practice on xxxxx”
  2. Prioritise health checks for LD and Autism
  3. General awareness to all staff - to promote, encourage and aid access to health

If practice would like some slide sets on Mental Health and Covid and Suicide Prevention, please contact spanday@nhs.net

MSK educational videos - Ellen Parr from the CCG has shared some additional MSK educational videos which include

  • Examination of a patient in a short time
  • Assessment of a patient with radicular leg pain
  • Imaging
  • Red Flags
  • NICE guidance and pathways

This is the link to view: https://www.derbyandderbyshireccg.nhs.uk/msk-videos/ /

Participate in University of Derby research to compare stress, work autonomy and post traumatic growth during a pandemic. This survey is part of a research study being conducted by the University of Derby and will take approx. 5 minutes to complete. Responses to the first survey need to be completed by 23rd August and you will then be asked to repeat the survey 4 weeks later. You can withdraw your data using your unique identifier up to 2 weeks of completion by contacting the researcher, Duncan Gooch d.gooch1@unimail.derby.ac.uk or his supervisor Edward Stupple E.J.N.Stupple@derby.ac.uk


Advice for absence and sick pay. GPTF has procured advice as attached for Derbyshire practices to aid HR decisions on sick pay and absence for staff, thanks to KHR, see attached.

DCHS Quality Conversation Programme. Thank you to DCHS who are also allowing GP practice staff to participate with the Quality Conversations programme, see flyer for details.


As we settle into a new post COVID-19 world, the wider support available through GPTF to all elements of general practice is being revitalized. Email: ddlmc.gptf@nhs.net

GPTF bespoke practice support – Under our resilience programme, we are supporting 11 Derbyshire practices, held group coaching sessions for PMs and delivering support and guidance through our webinar series

COVID planning for practices – Opportunity to join and share ideas practice ideas in a small peer coaching group.

GP Aspire – Any GPs mid-late career – Explore your options with career portfolios and other opportunities

GP Preceptorship – For new GPs newly qualified for additional mentorship

Sending our best wishes to you and your General Practice teams.

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