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COVID-19 Resources

We have pooled a number of useful resources to help support general practice in managing the unprecedented COVID-19 workload.

If you would like to add any additional resources please contact us at ddlmc.office@nhs.net

Suspension of The 15-Minute Wait For Vaccination With MRNA Vaccine For COVID-19: UK CMOs' Opinion - (Issued 14.12.21)

The Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) of the UK and lead Deputy Chief Medical Officers (DCMOs) have published a report regarding the suspension of the 15-minute wait for vaccination. Link to the report can be found here.

Long-term Conditions Update to Practices 

In this update to practices, there will be information on the following items:

  • Diabetes WhatsApp Group
  • Diabetes training Masterclasses
  • Diabetes and Pregnancy Conference
  • Guide to Structured Education and Weight Management Service
  • Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme
  • Know Your Numbers
  • PrescQIPP Clinical Masterclass
  • E-Learning for Health
  • BHF Report – The Untold Heartbreak
  • PCCS Newsletter
  • ECG Training
  • Nationwide Rollout of NHS High Street Heart Checks

For any information regarding the contents of this update, please contact Sally Longden.

Post (Long) COVID Assessment Service information pack to GPs | Download here

In this pack:

  • Background
  • Clinical Case Definition of Post (Long) Covid Syndrome
  • Derbyshire Post (Long) Covid Syndrome Pathway
  • About the Derbyshire Post (Long) Covid Syndrome Assessment Service
  • What does this mean for Practices?
  • Primary Care Flowchart
  • Investigation Checklist
  • Patient Questionnaire/Derbyshire Screening Tool
  • Referring in to the Service
  • Referral Form
  • Onward referral from the Post (Long) Covid Syndrome Assessment Service
  • Discharge from the Service
  • Information Leaflet
  • Directory of Services

Staff Wellbeing

Thrive: Mental Wellbeing App

  • A clinically effective app for the prevention, screening and management of anxiety, depression and stress
  • Free to access for all staff
  • Sign up via https://jucd.thrive.uk.com/ or from from your Apple or Android App store
  • Sign up using your e mail address and a password of your choice


CiC Employee Assistance Programme 

This offers 24/7 telephone helpline support to staff and family members over 16. All their staff are clinically trained and there is a raft of support available such as carer support, debt and finance counselling, legal advice (similar to Citizens Advice Bureau) and a package of one to one telephone counselling for up to 6 sessions.

Contact:  assist@cic-eap.co.uk or telephone 

24/7 EAP Confidential Care Helpline - 0800 085 1376

Log In at - www.well-online.co.uk

User ID - dtlogin

Password - wellbeing

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