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The locally produced one stop shop EOL guidance has been further updated and I have attached a copy of Version 4 which has also been uploaded to the LMC website.


CQC. After national discussions a compromise has been agreed about changes to CQC registration as a result of the establishment of COVID-19 “hot hubs”. CQC are statutorily required to maintain up to date information on service delivery and were not able to waive the requirement completely. However, where hot hubs are run by a group of practices, only the provider where the hot hub is sited need contact CQC to update their Statement of Purpose (Part 3). The attached proforma has been produced which will hopefully make this a much quicker process.


Pharmacy updates.

  • Nationally, the DHSC have issued new directions to enact Regulation 61 of the NHS (Pharmaceutical & Local Pharmaceutical) regulations 2013, which allows Dispensing doctors to dispense to all patients (including formerly Non-Dispensing patients) during pharmacy closures and until Wednesday 1 July 2020. This aims to avoid difficulty or additional travel for patients or their friends or family, where reduction in travel to different medical appointments / medication collection would be helpful. Dispensing Practices were advised by the Dispensing Doctors’ Association to confirm this locally prior to implementation and DDCCG kindly issued a temporary holding position for today 13th April 2020, while they sought urgent clarification from NHSEI. “DDCCG supports Derbyshire dispensing Doctors to follow this regulation and provide a service to non-dispensing patients, where in the view of the dispensing Doctor this will reduce harm to the patient or their family/ carer.”
  • The attached letter from NHSEI also states that The National Health Service (Amendments Relating to the Provision of Primacy Care Services During a pandemic etc.) Regulations 2020 places a responsibility on dispensing doctors to make sure that medicines are delivered to people at high risk of complications from COVID-19 who are advised to isolate at home for 12 weeks and meet the ‘shielding’ criteria, if these medicines cannot be collected and delivered by a family member, friend, carer or volunteer. The funding of these services will be in addition to the current contractual agreement for both pharmacies and dispensing doctors. We are seeking urgent clarification from the CCG/NHSEI about how this will work in practice.



We appreciate there has been a lot of communication about the various offers of wellbeing and support that are available for all staff in general practice. Dr Gail Walton has kindly pulled together the attached presentation which is a good summary of everything that is available and might be useful for sharing with staff.

Many of you will be familiar with the work of GP-S which offers free peer mentoring, coaching and signposting. They have now added a rapid access scheme, see attached details which can be accessed through the normal channels, by phone on 0115 979 6917, email at contact@gp-s.org or online .

Clinical Updates:

  • NICE have published updated rapid guidance aimed at maximising the safety of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) during the COVID-19 pandemic, while protecting staff from infection.
  • Use of the Chronic Frailty Score in practice as a tool to assist with triage.
  • Attached is the NHS Advice for practices on the prioritisation of Amber drug monitoring in ADULTS during Covid-19 pandemic.


You will have heard in the news concerns about late / delayed presentation of patients with non-COVID-19 symptoms. This is particularly relevant to children. The attached document has some excellent signposting advice.


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Two meters apart……

And todays thought from Winnie the Pooh. “Be kinder than necessary because everyone is fighting some form of battle”.