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Information on The Government’s Additional COVID-19 Advice for People Whose Immune System Means They Are at Higher Risk - issued 04.01.22

COVID-19: Management of Staff and Exposed Patients or Residents in Health and Social Care Settings - updated 30.12.21

COVID-19: The Green Book, Chapter 14a - issued 24.12.21

Updated JCVI Advice for The Vaccination of Children and Young People - issued 23.12.21

Updated UK Health Security Agency and Government Guidance on Self-Isolation Letter - issued 23.12.21

nMABs For Non-Hospitalised Patients With COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Healthcare Practitioners - issued 21.12.21

COVID-19 Workforce Prioritisation Guide for General Practice - issued 21.12.21

Private Provider Requests for Investigations Under the NHS - issued in update to practice 20.12.21

Update on the COVID-19 Booster Programme and Impact Upon Your GP Services (template letter for patients) - issued 15.12.21

Operational Guidance by the Chair of the BMA, Dr Farah Jameel - issued 14.12.21

Suspension of The 15 Minute Wait For Vaccination With MRNA Vaccine For COVID-19: UK CMOs' Opinion - issued 14.12.21

COVID-19: Next Steps for the COVID-19 Vaccination Deployment - issued 13.12.21

COVID-19: Update for Practices - issued 13.12.21

COVID-19: Deployment of COVID-19 Treatments for Highest Risk Non-hospitalised Patients - issued 9.12.21

COVID-19: Temporary GP Contract Changes to Support CVP - issued 7.12.21

Vaccination of Those Who Received COVID-19 Vaccine Overseas - issued 13.10.21


CVP Prioritisation Posters - POSTER 1 and POSTER 2

PHE Campaign Posters for Primary Care 

Template Complaints/Patient Enquiry Response Letter

Tempate Interface Work Letter for Secondary Care