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About us

Our Mission Statement
To represent and support general practice, to ensure that GPs are properly valued, and their skills properly utilised; and that, while serving the public, they are able to uphold appropriate standards of practice, and enjoy a standard of living commensurate with their profession, commitment and training.

Position of Influence
Derby and Derbyshire LMC has a major role to play in the provision of primary care and offers a unique position of influence within the NHS. With 100 years of corporate intelligence and memory. We are very experienced in a wide range of GP practice issues - if in doubt, contact us.

To contact Derby and Derbyshire Local Medical Committee:

General Queries:


01332 210008


Chairman: Dr Peter Williams, Office@DerbyshireLMC.nhs.uk

Treasurer: Dr Peter Holden, Office@DerbyshireLMC.nhs.uk

Chief Executive: Dr Kath Markus, Office@DerbyshireLMC.nhs.uk

Head of Communications: Dr Susie Bayley, Susie.Bayley@DerbyshireLMC.nhs.uk

Chief Operating Officer: David Gibbs, David.Gibbs@DerbyshireLMC.nhs.uk

Head of Business Support: Claire Leggett, Claire.Leggett@DerbyshireLMC.nhs.uk

Personal Assistant: Laura Grainger, Laura.Grainger@DerbyshireLMC.nhs.uk

Administration Assistant: Chloe Buckler, Chloe.Buckler@DerbyshireLMC.nhs.uk

Business and Administration Support Apprentice: Zainab Sharif, Zainab.Sharif@DerbyshireLMC.nhs.uk