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GP Partnership Review

We have received the following email from Dr Nigel Watson - Chief Executive Wessex Local Medical Committees Ltd

"As I am sure you will be aware, in February the Secretary of State announced a review into the partnership model of general practice. There was then a period of consultation with the GPC, RCGP, NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care to agree the terms of reference and to agree on an independent chair for the review.

The terms of reference are available as an appendix to the document attached.

I have been appointed as the chair of the review and am being supported by the RCGP, GPC, DHSC and NHS England.

I have been asked to produce an interim report by the end of September with a final report by the end of the year. The report aims to make recommendations that will rivitalise the partnership model and ensure that we have considered GPs, other staff working in general practice, patients and the wider system.

The Key lines of enquiry document attached is our first publication to frame the work we are undertaking.

It is essential that this work is not carried out in isolation, already we are waiting for the outcomes of:

  • The state backed indemnity package
  • The DDRB report
  • A premises review
  • Contract negotiations for 2019/20
  • Investment announced for the 70th anniversary of the NHS

It is important that we engage with representative bodies and grass roots GPs. We are therefore visiting a number of parts of the countries to meet representative groups and front line staff looking at what is going well and what is going less well. I am working closely with a number of LMCs to arrange these visits.

We also want feedback from a broad range of people working in general practice."

Please see attached documents.

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