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General Practitioner

Agency Workers Regulation Guidance (Medical Staff)

Created: 10 May 2016 Updated: 21 October 2016

BMA : GP workforce 10 point plan

The 10 point plan aims to target the following problem areas within general practice.

BMA : Responds to launch of clinical pharmacy scheme for general practice

Responding to the launch by NHS England of a new clinical pharmacy scheme

BMA Annualisation Survey

The BMA, are gathering data to find out whether certain groups of GPs are being discriminated against under the NHS Pension Scheme Regulations 2015. We believe that GPs who take breaks from work are ending up paying more without receiving any increase in their pension. We believe this is...

BMA Ballott of GP Practices - List Closure

Please find information on the BMA's ballot about whether or not practices would be willing to collectively close their lists following the motion at the LMC Conference in May 2017.

BMA GPs committee chair : GP partners at risk of becoming an endangered species

The latest phase of results from the BMA national GP survey reveals an alarming picture of the state of GP partnership and practices which, if not addressed, could risk GP partners becoming an endangered species in some areas of the country.

BMA response to new government plans to recruit more GPs from overseas and poor figures on GP workforce increases

BMA Press Release Immediate Release: Tuesday, 22 August Responding to the launch of a new drive by NHS England to recruit more GPs from overseas and workforce figures published today showing an increase of barely one per cent in the GP workforce in England , Dr Richard Vautrey, BMA GP...

BMA update - Primary and secondary care interface guidance

Please follow the link to access the guidance document which describes the key national requirements which clinicians and managers across the NHS need to be aware of aimed at improving the interface between primary and secondary care.

BMA: Doctors’ leader accuses prime minister of scapegoating NHS staff and risking patients’ lives due to underfunding of services

The leader of the UK's doctors has written to the prime minister, accusing her of 'playing down' the crisis in the NHS and deliberately scapegoating GPs to distract from what is happening in the health service. In a letter to Theresa May, the British Medical Association (BMA) chair of council,...

BMA: Stop Blaming GPs

The NHS crisis has finally arrived. For over two years much of the British press has accused the BMA of shameless shroud-waving in our warnings over funding. For too long our evidence based predictions of catastrophe have been mocked, and our professional anxieties paraded as narrow...

BMA: We will not allow the Government to scapegoat GPs for its underfunding of the NHS

From your BMA GPs committee chair; I was shocked and dismayed by media reports of the prime minister's attacks on GPs for being a cause of the crisis in the NHS and hospital pressures - and of reports that GP practices would be required to open seven days a week or face funding cuts.

BMA: What’s new for sessional GPs

Indemnity, pensions and death in service Capita and the NHS pension fiasco Government must stop scapegoating GPs Meet your local committee rep

BMA: Why GPs sometimes charge fees

Surely the doctor is being paid anyway? It is important to understand that many GPs are not employed by the NHS. They are self-employed and they have to cover their costs - staff, buildings, heating, lighting, etc - in the same way as any small business. The NHS covers these costs for NHS...

Bullying and harassment of doctors in the workplace

Published September 2020 Impact of bullying and harassment

Child Safeguarding Summer Update

Derby City & Derbyshire County Named Doctors for Safeguarding Children Summer Update 2018 Please see attachment.

Coroner’s Inquest Advice for GPs

Most GPs will be called upon to write a Coroner’s report during their career, and some will be called to attend the Coroner’s Court as a witness. Even the most experienced GPs find the call to attend an inquest daunting. It can be difficult to know what to do, where to get help and how to...

Derby Asylum Initial Accommodation Centre

Please also see the attachment above for a copy of the ID slip that patients should be carrying to identify which practice they are registered at for health care.

Devolution and health

Created: 19 October 2015 Updated: 26 August 2016 As part of the UK government's devolution agenda, English regions are being given the opportunity to bid for full control of their health and social care budgets. This potentially has significant implications for the NHS and presents both...

Diamorphine Supply Issue

Update from British Medical Association (BMA) The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England have been made aware of a manufacturing issue from one of their suppliers of Diamorphine 5mg and 10mg injection. There are currently two suppliers of Diamorphine injection in the UK;...

District Nursing and Gerneral Practice Nursing

District Nursing and General Practice Nursing Service Education and Career Framework - October 2015 The Framework describes the aspects of care to be delivered within a holistic model that includes complex emotional and physical conditions, within a health and community context.

European doctors are vital to the NHS

Having triggered Article 50, Prime Minster Theresa May must now do everything in her power to control the impact of Brexit on the NHS and protect patient care across the country by granting permanent residence to EEA nationals working in the UK.

Expert interview from PHE - Flu and flu vaccines

On behalf of Sarah Mayfield, Screening and Immunisation Manager NHSE North Midlands: In light of the recent increase in flu circulating PHE have published a new flu blog which answers important questions about flu and flu vaccines Also, here is a link to the news item published alongside...

Focus on publication of GP net earnings

Created on: 09 March 2016 updated on: 11 August 2016

Free Legal Surgery Sessions 2018

Derby & Derbyshire Local Medical Committee have the pleasure to announce that we are currently working with VWV | Lawyers & Parliamentary Agents to offer FREE 40 minute legal surgery sessions for levy payers. The sessions will be held here at the LMC office on 26 November 2018 between 11:00...

GP Access Survey - Guidance and Letter

The letter and guide for completing the general practice access survey have now been published. They are both available on the NHS England website


GP ASPIRE - Future Proofing General Practice What is GP Aspire? Initially starting as a pilot project in early 2018, we have now secured funding to deliver a menu of flexible career options to help retain GPs considering leaving general practice. Our pilot looked into current support...

GP Earnings and Expenses

Published 10 September 2015 Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)

GP Fellowships

HEE are funding a programme of post-CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) GP fellowships in 2018-19, across the Midlands and East region. The posts are intended to meet current and future primary care workforce needs as determined by local Training Hubs working with LWABs/STPs. The...

GP Fellowships in the East Midlands

These exciting new posts are offered by Health Education England - East Midlands to all GPs qualifying within two years of completing your CCT. Applications for GP Fellowships will close on Saturday 30 April

GP Pay Transparency 23/23

GP Pay Transparency 30.04.2023 GP Pay Transparency 23/23 BMA Position BMA Pay Transparency Guidance DDLMC are unable to tell practices not to declare their earnings as this would be seen as encouraging industrial action. We strongly advise that practices read the full guidance and any...

GP Pay Transparency 30.04.2023

GP Pay Transparency 23/23 BMA Position BMA Pay Transparency Guidance DDLMC are unable to tell practices not to declare their earnings as this would be seen as encouraging industrial action. We strongly advise that practices read the full guidance and any decision they make is done as a...

GP-S – Free Mentoring, Coaching and Signposting Service

Free peer mentoring, coaching and signposting for all GPs All GPs in Derbyshire can access a free peer mentor within days with GP-S. GP-S has been running since 2015 supporting General Practice in Derbyshire and beyond. The service offers access to free peer mentoring and coaching for all GPs...

HEE GP Specialty Recruitment Campaign - Volunteers required

In preparation for the next round 1 of the GP specialty training recruitment campaign, the Recruitment Campaign Team are looking for some willing GPs/GP trainees to draft some different case studies. Please see attached document.

Information for Practitioner, Locum and Non-GP

This link is for information only for Practitioners, Locums, Out of Hours and Non-GP providers.

Introducing a GP Workshop - Co-Formation

A GP’s guide to Social Prescribing, Care Navigation, Signposting, PAM’s and Care Planning Over the last few years several new terms and roles have entered the primary care vocabulary; Social Prescribing, Care Navigation, Signposting, Patient Activation Measures and Care Planning. So, what do...

Introducing the National Spirometry Certification Programme - GPC statement

The statement has now been published on the BMA website and is available here. Please see the attachment for the PDF version.

Kraft HR Consulting - Employment Law Update

There have been many high profile employment cases in the news in the past year or so, most coverage going to what is being known as the “Uber case” regarding the employment rights of people working as independent contractors. That picture still develops as the courts and government address the...

Low Volume Appraisal Guidance

A new guidance on supporting doctors who undertake a low volume of NHS general practice clinical work has been launched by NHS England and is available here. Mark Sanford-Wood, GPC England deputy chair, has also written a blog about the new guidance, which can be accessed here.

MSK CATS Enquiries Contact Process

For MSK triage services, please see attached document.

NAPC Awards 2018

Help needed in recognising exceptional GPs and primary care teams Do you know an exceptional primary care professional or team? The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) is inviting you recognise their work in the NAPC Awards 2018. The awards celebrate high standards of care, dedication,...

NAPC Diploma in Advanced Primary Care Management

You can apply now for October diploma course to develop the skills for managing primary care at scale. Applications are now being received for October starters for the National Association of Primary Care's Diploma in Advanced Primary Care Management. The one-year diploma has been tailor-made...

NHS England : Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice

The General Practice Forward View committed to over £100m of investment to support an extra 1,500 clinical practices to work in General Practice by 2020/21. This is in addition to over 490 clinical pharmacists already working in general practice as part of a pilot, launched in July 2015. NHS...

NHS England Local GP Retention Fund - Update

You may recall, NHS England in May announced the £10 million Local GP Retention Fund, where £7 million is being made available through regional-based schemes to help GPs to stay in the workforce and the remaining £3 million to be used to establish seven intensive support sites across the country...

NHSE: Contract Variation guidance - GP Staff and Partners

NHSE have drawn up guidance to help practices navigate their way through the process of submitting applications for contractual variation. The guidance will bring clarity to the process and help avoid any unnecessary delays in processing variations.

Non-Essential and Enhanced Services

Accepting inappropriate and un-resourced work that is being shifted from other providers risks undermining the quality of patient care in general practice. Commissioners have a duty to make sure that the quality of patient care is not compromised by the unjustified shifting of services that are...

OTC Consultation

NHS England has launched a consultation which proposes to rein in prescriptions for some ‘over the counter’ products such as dandruff shampoo and drops for tired eyes, diverting up to £136 million into frontline care.

Partnership Review - Interim Report

Please see attached the Interim Report which has recently been was published. Also, attached is a copy of the myth buster for newly qualified GPs.

Primary Care Improvement Community Newsletter - September 2018

Please see attached the Primary Care Improvement Community Newsletter for September 2018.

Pulse: More than a quarter of GPs work beyond safe hours every week

A survey of almost 1,200 GPs found that 27% were working more than 50 hours a week, with a further 13% working 45-50 hours.

RCGP: Don't blame GPs for NHS crisis - fund the health service properly, RCGP tells PM

The Royal College of GPs has responded to the Prime Minister's announcement on general practice, being reported in the media today.

Referral Guidelines For Paediatric Out–Patients From Primary Care

Please see the attached 'Referral Guidelines For Paediatric Out–Patients From Primary Care' for the North Derbyshire area, created by Chesterfield Royal Hospital. This document will be reviewed and updated a yearly (minimum).

Referral Guidelines For Paediatric Out–Patients From Primary Care

Please see the attached 'Referral Guidelines For Paediatric Out–Patients From Primary Care' for the North Derbyshire area, created by Chesterfield Royal Hospital. This document will be reviewed and updated yearly (minimum).

Registered patients using walk in services in other practices

Registered patients requesting appointments at other practices outside of extended access arrangements; Within Derbyshire, we have had some recent examples of patients who are registered at a Derbyshire practice and who are also turning up to access walk in services at other local practices...

Responsive, Safe and Sustainable in General Practice

Created: 25 September 2015 Updated: 15 September 2016 A new vision for a 'sustainable, modern and flexible' general practice is published by the BMA this week. The vision, 'Responsive, safe and sustainable: towards a new future for general practice', is based on a series of key recommendations...

Return to Practice Campaign

A new campaign has been launched aiming to increase the number of qualified leads enquiring about the GP induction and refresher scheme, focusing on domestic GP returners. NHS England and Health Education England have in partnership produced a new look website https://www.gpreturner.nhs.uk/, a...

Text messaging test results

The LMC have been made aware that a practice recently had an incident where there was some confusion about a text message sent to the patient. Please find advice above. David Gibbs Head of Business Support Derby and Derbyshire Local Medical Committee

The Potentially Avoidable Appointment Audit

The Potentially Avoidable Appointment Audit exploring how general practice might be, rather than the way it is now A simple tool for reviewing workload within the practice and exploring how things might be managed differently in the future. So far, nearly 500 practices have received reports...

Zika virus infection: guidance for primary care

Published: February 2016 There is currently an ongoing outbreak of Zika virus infections in South and Central America and the Caribbean, and increasing evidence that infection in pregnancy may be associated with fetal microcephaly and other central nervous system abnormalities. Zika virus...

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