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GP Pay Transparency 30.04.2023

GP Pay Transparency 23/23

BMA Position BMA Pay Transparency Guidance

DDLMC are unable to tell practices not to declare their earnings as this would be seen as encouraging industrial action. We strongly advise that practices read the full guidance and any decision they make is done as a partnership, not as individuals. We would specifically draw your attention to the the advice from the BMA, located in the final paragraph of the attached link is below: 

How income will be verified

It is unclear to us how NHSEI will police this. We are not aware of a way that NHSEI might verify the income of those who have declared or not declared, but we cannot be sure that this is not possible.

We understand NHS Pensions and HMRC data on earnings are usually anonymised before sharing with NHSD/NHSEI, but we cannot be sure that they cannot access identifiable data.

If a GP does not declare and is approached by the ICB or NHSEI, we would expect evidence of why they believe the GP should declare and where they have got that information. If this has been sourced through illegitimate means, it will be open to legal challenge.

GPCE (BMA GP committee England) has made our significant concerns about the change clear.

It provides no benefit to GPs or their patients, but will potentially increase acts of aggression and abuse toward GPs and practices. It will be damaging to morale and wholly reduce the ability to recruit and retain GPs.

If you would like any further support or advice please email ddlmc.office@nhs.net