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General and Personal Medical Services, England 2005-2015, as at 30 September, Provisional Experimental statistics

Publication date: April 27, 2016


A detailed view of the General Practice workforce including GPs by type and practice staff. This was originally planned for publication on 30 March 2016 but was delayed due to operational reasons.

Due to the change in data source these statistics are provisional experimental, so care needs to be taken when interpreting these figures. More information on the effect of this change on the figures provided here can be found in the data quality section.

The general practice data records numbers and details of GPs in England along with information on their practices, staff, patients, and the services they provide.

Time series data is available within the bulletin tables and more detailed information for September 2015 is available within the detailed results which includes data for England, by NHS England Regions, NHS England Area Teams and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Practice level results are available within the Practice Level Indicator Tool and within the associated CSV file. Anonymised GP level results are also available in CSV file format.

This report is one of several publications presenting details of staff numbers within the NHS workforce. Links to these publications are at the bottom of the page.

We have invited user feedback on the estimation methodology. Any refinements to the methodology as a result of this feedback will be incorporated in revisions in the publication currently scheduled for September 2016.

Please email us with your comments and suggestions, clearly stating NHS Workforce as the subject heading, via enquiries@hscic.gov.uk or 0300 303 5678.

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