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Practice management

Accepting Donations from Patients

Updated: September 2020 This is an area which is governed by both contractual and ethical perspectives. Both emphasise the need for transparency and accountability when considering accepting donations from patients.

Agency Workers Regulation Guidance (Medical Staff)

Created: 10 May 2016 Updated: 21 October 2016

An overview of the death certification reforms

Department of Health Guidance Published 26 May 2016

BMA : Patients presenting with possible dental problems

This guidance informs GPs of their obligations to patients either requesting emergency dental treatment or asking for an NHS prescription for drugs recommended by private or NHS dentists. It is aimed at all GP's including out of hours practitioners.

BMA : Responds to launch of clinical pharmacy scheme for general practice

Responding to the launch by NHS England of a new clinical pharmacy scheme

BMA advice – Copies of records for police

Medical records access and copying fees

BMA Guidance - Helping You Meet Your Training Obligations

The BMA's new guidance on training is now available online. This is mainly aimed at practices in England due to the specific issues they have faced with inappropriate training demands/requests from CCGs and CQC, but it should be of interest to all practices.

BMA Immigration Advice Service

If you are a BMA member, you are entitled to access our Immigration advice service which provides free, basic immigration advice in connection with your employment and/or study in the UK.

BMA: New guidance - Insurance company requests

Access to Medical Reports Act 1998 has replaced the use of Subject Access Requests for insurance purposes

Choice and any qualified provider

Created on 22 March 2013 Updated on 30 June 2016

CRB/DBS Checks

Published January 2014 The intelligence we have gathered so far from CQC Inspections and feedback from Practice Managers (that have recently been inspected by CQC) is, if the CQC Inspectors are looking at the GP practice in evidencing CRB/DBS checks then, it seems, they are asking for evidence...

Data Controllers under GDPR - BMA

BMA Guidance and Information update from David Gibbs, DDLMC 8 March 2018

Dealing with non-compliant patients

A doctor's primary concern is to do their best for their patients; this includes giving advice and treatment, and arranging investigations in accordance with the current evidence base and the patient's best interests.

Devolution and health

Created: 19 October 2015 Updated: 26 August 2016 As part of the UK government's devolution agenda, English regions are being given the opportunity to bid for full control of their health and social care budgets. This potentially has significant implications for the NHS and presents both...

Digital General Practice Bulletin

The Digital General Practice bulletin is NHS Digital's main form of communication with the general practitioner (GP) community. It includes important information for GPs and requests for action relating to our products and services. This bulletin replaces previous GP communications including...

District Nursing and Gerneral Practice Nursing

District Nursing and General Practice Nursing Service Education and Career Framework - October 2015 The Framework describes the aspects of care to be delivered within a holistic model that includes complex emotional and physical conditions, within a health and community context.

Electronic Referral Service (e-RS) roll-out / Paper Switch-Off Programme

From 1 October 2018, hospitals will no longer be paid for activity which results from referrals made other than through e-RS.

Example NDA

Here is a template for a non-disclosure agreement.

Focus on the Accessible Information Standard for GP Practices in England

April 2016 The Accessible Information Standard1 aims to ensure that disabled people have access to information they can understand and the communication support they may need. The Standard applies to service providers across the NHS and adult social care system. As organisations that provide...

For Information: Statement of Financial Entitlements Maternity and Sickness Cover

The SFE Amendments for 2017 made some major changes to Maternity and Sickness Cover in section 15 and 16. Previously, in order to help practices, we produced a consolidated version of these 2 sections covering the SFEs from 2013-2017 inclusive. In 2018 there were amendments to the maximum...

GP Pay Transparency 23/23

GP Pay Transparency 30.04.2023 GP Pay Transparency 23/23 BMA Position BMA Pay Transparency Guidance DDLMC are unable to tell practices not to declare their earnings as this would be seen as encouraging industrial action. We strongly advise that practices read the full guidance and any...

GP PIC Questions

Documents relating to CQC Inspection Update for Practice Managers, discussed at events held in March/April 2019

GP-S & Practice Managers

Free mentoring, coaching and signposting service. Since 2015 GP-S has been offering 4 free sessions of mentoring for GPs. Enabling them to develop themselves personally, professionally or in their careers. GP-S are now expanding to offer the same service to Practice Managers in Derbyshire....

GP-S – Free Mentoring, Coaching and Signposting Service

Free peer mentoring, coaching and signposting for all GPs All GPs in Derbyshire can access a free peer mentor within days with GP-S. GP-S has been running since 2015 supporting General Practice in Derbyshire and beyond. The service offers access to free peer mentoring and coaching for all GPs...

Introducing a GP Workshop - Co-Formation

A GP’s guide to Social Prescribing, Care Navigation, Signposting, PAM’s and Care Planning Over the last few years several new terms and roles have entered the primary care vocabulary; Social Prescribing, Care Navigation, Signposting, Patient Activation Measures and Care Planning. So, what do...

KLOE S3 - Staff Files

Documents relating to CQC Inspection Update for Practice Managers, discussed at events held in March/April 2019

List Management Guidance

Created: 25 November 2016 Last updated: 01 December 2016 This guidance is intended to help practices to ensure the safe provision of core services to patients, while fulfilling their professional duty and contractual obligations. GMS and PMS practices in circumstances of unmanageable workload...

LMC Buying Group

Derby & Derbyshire LMC was one of the founder members of the buying group delivering savings to practices without creating any additional work or inconvenience. What does the Buying Group offer? Membership entitles practices to discounts on products and services provided by the Buying Group's...

MMR Vaccines for General Practice Staff

There have been a number of queries from practices about MMR Vaccines for staff as CQC are focusing on this issue during inspections. The latest SIT newsletter (attached) provides clarification for practices who may have staff who have not had the full MMR vaccines: MMR Vaccination for...

MSK CATS Enquiries Contact Process

For MSK triage services, please see attached document.

NHSE: Contract Variation guidance - GP Staff and Partners

NHSE have drawn up guidance to help practices navigate their way through the process of submitting applications for contractual variation. The guidance will bring clarity to the process and help avoid any unnecessary delays in processing variations.

Personnel File Checklist

Documents relating to CQC Inspection Update for Practice Managers, discussed at events held in March/April 2019

Practice Manager Development Coaching and Mentoring Support – Expression of Interest

As part of the GPFV Practice Manager development programme NHS England have commissioned Beyond Coaching (provider) to provide coaching and mentoring support to Practice Managers across England who are playing a key role in supporting practices experiencing challenges, assisting...

Primary Care Improvement Community Newsletter - September 2018

Please see attached the Primary Care Improvement Community Newsletter for September 2018.

Reimbursements information for General Practice

GP Sickness/Parental Leave Reimbursements GP practices can recoup locum costs incurred when GPs are on parental or sickness leave. This guidance outlines the schemes that allow practices to access funding easily. ​When a salaried GP or GP partner is absent due to parental (maternity, paternity...

Responsive, Safe and Sustainable in General Practice

Created: 25 September 2015 Updated: 15 September 2016 A new vision for a 'sustainable, modern and flexible' general practice is published by the BMA this week. The vision, 'Responsive, safe and sustainable: towards a new future for general practice', is based on a series of key recommendations...

Staff HR File Checklist

Documents relating to CQC Inspection Update for Practice Managers, discussed at events held in March/April 2019

Table Top Questions

Documents relating to CQC Inspection Update for Practice Managers, discussed at events held in March/April 2019

Visual Pain Faces Scale Tool

Documents relating to CQC Inspection Update for Practice Managers, discussed at events held in March/April 2019

Whistleblowing – what it means for the NHS

Hill Dickinson invites you to join us for the next in a series of discussions and training sessions for NHS HR professionals.

Zika virus infection: guidance for primary care

Published: February 2016 There is currently an ongoing outbreak of Zika virus infections in South and Central America and the Caribbean, and increasing evidence that infection in pregnancy may be associated with fetal microcephaly and other central nervous system abnormalities. Zika virus...

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