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Type 2 Pension Update

Type 2 Pension Update

The latest guidance and information can be found here


BMA type 2 pension information

Please don't forget to complete your Type 2 pension contribution forms for pension contributions for financial year 2020/2021.

The deadline is rapidly approaching - 28th February 2022.

This is a condition of membership of the GP NHS pension scheme and failure to submit may result in pensionable pay provisionally set to zero for the relevant period.

It is the mechanism by which the NHS checks your pension contributions for all applicable work (see below) is correct, and paid in the correct tier. PCSE will use this information to reconcile payments received and arrange to correct any under or over payments from the previous financial year.

A Type 2 medical practitioner is:

A salaried GP formally employed by a GP practice, Alternative Provider Medical Services (AMPS) contractor or by a Local Health Board

A long-term fee based/self-employed GP who works for a GP practice, APMS contractor, Local Health Board for a period of, generally, six months or more

A GP who works solely on an employed or self-employed basis for an Out of Hours Provider that is not an NHS Trust/Foundation Trust

A practice based salaried GP who works for a CCG under a contract for services (i.e. on a self-employed basis). The CCG earnings/contributions must be declared on the self-assessment form.

A GP who is formally employed by a CCG under a contract of service (i.e. contract of employment) is an Officer and their contributions and salary are not declared on the self-assessment form.

If you have been on maternity leave for any time during the period for which the form relates, you will also need to complete and submit the maternity breakdown form.  NHS Pension type 2 Maternity form

We strongly urge you to retain a paper copy.

It is also best practice to regularly check (at least annually) your pension scheme total reward statement which is now accessible via the gov.uk verify service. 

Check your details are up to date

To ensure your details can be processed quickly, it is imperative that your Performers List details are up to date. You can check these by logging on to PCSE Online and clicking on the Performers List tile.

The Performer Management User Guide can be found here.  PCSE Performer Management user guide

Once you’re logged in to the system, you can also view the pensions details we hold for you including details of your monthly employee contributions for work conducted for NHS in primary care and information on previous end of year submissions.

Please also check if you have any missing certificates for previous years. This is important as Pensions Online won’t be up to date and this will affect your Total Reward Statement.

All GP pension forms are available on the NHSBSA / NHS Pensions website. If you need any support you can find some useful information about what you need to submit here. PCSE GP Pensions

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