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DDLMC General Practice Recruitment Guide

DDLMC’S Recruitment Guide: Supporting General Practice Recruitment In Derbyshire The recruitment guide contents include: How to advertise What do employees want Selling your practice Innovative ideas How DDLMC can help Please see the attachment above to view the resource pack.

Focus on locum cover for parental and sickness leave

Practices are eligible to receive reimbursement for locum costs incurred when partners and employed GPs are absent for maternity or sickness leave. Over recent years both reimbursement schemes have been amended to provide practices with easier access to such funding. This guidance outlines the...

For Information: Statement of Financial Entitlements Maternity and Sickness Cover

The SFE Amendments for 2017 made some major changes to Maternity and Sickness Cover in section 15 and 16. Previously, in order to help practices, we produced a consolidated version of these 2 sections covering the SFEs from 2013-2017 inclusive. In 2018 there were amendments to the maximum...