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Administrative Support

Electronic Referral Service (e-RS) roll-out / Paper Switch-Off Programme

From 1 October 2018, hospitals will no longer be paid for activity which results from referrals made other than through e-RS.

GP Specific GDPR update

There has been a lot of scaremongering about the forthcoming implementation of GDPR and practices are rightly concerned about the impact this may have on them. The GPC Policy Lead on GP IT Dr Paul Cundy has written the attached blog and if you do nothing else today I would wholeheartedly...

Information Update: List of PCSE Contact Details

The LMC have been made aware that PCSE are now asking practices to contact specific e-mail addresses depending on the nature of their query. 14 July 2017 David Gibbs Head of Business Support

LMC Buying Group

Derby & Derbyshire LMC was one of the founder members of the buying group delivering savings to practices without creating any additional work or inconvenience. What does the Buying Group offer? Membership entitles practices to discounts on products and services provided by the Buying Group's...

National Patient Access Records Guidance

Please find attached guidance (supplied by North and South Essex Local Medical Committee's) for practices to use, regarding patient access records.

NHSE: Contract Variation guidance - GP Staff and Partners

NHSE have drawn up guidance to help practices navigate their way through the process of submitting applications for contractual variation. The guidance will bring clarity to the process and help avoid any unnecessary delays in processing variations.

Support to GP Practices for medical records movements

Update 24 February 2017 David Gibbs Head of Business Support

The Information Governance Review

Published March 2013 Information to share or not to share