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PCSE / Capita

Changes to contacting PCSE

There have been some changes to the security process when contact the PCSE contact centre on 0333 0142884. Below document provides details about how the contact centre staff will now verify the identity of the caller.

Information Update: List of PCSE Contact Details

The LMC have been made aware that PCSE are now asking practices to contact specific e-mail addresses depending on the nature of their query. 14 July 2017 David Gibbs Head of Business Support

Information Update: Problems with GP Registrar Payments

23 August 2017 David Gibbs Head of Business Support Derby and Derbyshire Local Medical Committee

Letter from DDLMC to Simon Stevens - Chief Executive of NHS England

Following the publication of the evidence given by Simon Stevens Chief Executive of NHS England to the Public Accounts Committee on 18 June 2018, about the failure of PCSE support to GPs, Derby and Derbyshire Local Medical Committee has written to him expressing their very serious concerns. We...

Letter to LMCs re an update on PCSE

Letter to LMCs from BMA - Ian Hume - GP Committee, Policy lead for premises and practice finance

PCSE - Response to NAO report

You may have seen the damming report from the National Audit Office into the NHSE Contract with PCSE which was published last week. The GPC have written again to Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England. Details can be found in the attached letter. In order to maintain pressure on NHSE to...

PCSE claims guidance

You will all be aware of the failings of PCSE to deliver an acceptable level of support to GP practices and the lobbying that Derby and Derbyshire LMC have been doing on your behalf to try and hold NHS England and Capita to account for these failings. In many cases this has led to significant...

PCSE Claims Guidance 14 August 2017

The BMA is aware that practices and individual GPs continue to experience unacceptable incidents relating to PCSE (Primary Care Support Services in England), commissioned by NHS England and provided by Capita. The issues have been ongoing for some time and the BMA is aware of cases where...

PCSE Electronic Submissions

27 February 2017 David Gibbs Head of Business Support

PCSE New Regional Liaison Manager and update on Queries Process

Rob Ramsden from PCSE has notified us of some changes to their liaison team as he has been promoted to become Head of Customer Engagement with the National Engagement Team: “I have now taken a new role within the team. My goal is to ensure a nationally consistent approach to engagement. I am...

Type 2 Pension Update

Type 2 Pension Update The latest guidance and information can be found here https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/member-hub/information-practitioner-locum-and-non-gp BMA type 2 pension information Please don't forget to complete your Type 2 pension contribution forms for pension contributions for...

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