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Accessible Information Standard for GP Practices in England

Updated: September 2020 The Accessible Information Standard aims to ensure that disabled people have access to information they can understand and the communication support they may need. The Standard applies to service providers across the NHS and adult social care system. As organisations...

Digital General Practice Bulletin

The Digital General Practice bulletin is NHS Digital's main form of communication with the general practitioner (GP) community. It includes important information for GPs and requests for action relating to our products and services. This bulletin replaces previous GP communications including...

FourteenFish blog

An excellent blog with regular updates and great illustrations.

General Practice Task Force : Getting Started on Social Media

Social Media is underused by GP surgeries, but is a great resource for keeping patients informed. This guide discusses two of the most commonly used social media platforms, and how they could be used by surgeries to engage and inform patients.

Information Governance Newsletter September 2017

On behalf of NHS England, the Inforamtion Governance Team are delivering FREE Information Governance training sessions in your area, for all staff involved in completing the IG Toolkit. These sessions will cover: General Information Governance practice and the new General Data Protection...

Managing risk in social media e-learning

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for organisations but it is not without risk. These risks can have a major impact on you, your career and your organisation. And they can happen whether or not you are using social media.

Mental Health Practice Agreements

The combined CCG has sent out the attached documents seeking authority for NECS to extract relevant data from practices. 28 September 2018

Social Media Defamation

Use of social media has increased exponentially in the last decade; resulting in new challenges for both GPs and patients. The BMA, the RCGP and the GMC have all produced guidance on how doctors should conduct themselves on social media. Comments are also being made about GPs, their practices...

Spam emails that are currently in circulation and how to report fraudulent emails.

We have recently been made aware of suspicious meeting invites being sent to Audit and Governance Committee members at two of our client health bodies. At first glance the invites appeared to be sent from legitimate sources. On closer inspection the sender's email address raised suspicions. It...

The Information Governance Review

Published March 2013 Information to share or not to share