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Resources and Information

Setting up as a locum

This comprehensive list is thanks to Wessex LMC.

Starting out as a locum can feel very daunting. You have qualified as a GP and are happy with the challenges of clinical complexity but being self-employed and running yourself as a business commodity can feel like a whole new world.

The following links are here to help you along that journey. There is a wealth of resources out there to help and we have tried to bring a number of them to one easy to find location.


If you are considering becoming a locum immediately after you qualify then do look at our guide ‘ Getting Ready to Qualify’ to make sure you get everything in place to allow you to practice as a locum.

BMA Locum GP Handbook

The BMA have also created an excellent guide excellent guide which is free to access if you are a BMA member.

Locum Charter

It is important to specify your terms and conditions with each practice. This document may form a useful basis for discussion: (With thanks to Central Lancashire Local Medical Committee who produced this document.

Other Sources of Information

Some other useful places to look that have free excellent advice on what you need to consider when starting out include:

Locum Organiser

National Association of Sessional GPs