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Derby and Derbyshire Local Medical Committee (LMC) Constitution and Articles of Association

Key Facts about Derby and Derbyshire LMC

Comprises 19 elected members representing all GPs in levy paying practices

Meets in Higham bi-monthly on the first Thursday afternoon of each month

90% of GP practices contribute to the voluntary levy, which is the LMCs only source of income

The Committee

All Local Medical Committees (LMCs) operating across the United Kingdom are recognised in statute as the local representative committee for independent GPs.
Derby and Derbyshire LMC is the ONLY committee with a statutory obligation to represent interests of Derby and Derbyshire General Practitioners working in the National Health Service irrespective of which type of medical services contract held. 

It has well over 80 statutory responsibilities in addition to being recognised as an expert body with a very considerable and unique corporate memory of the NHS, sadly lacking elsewhere because of continual reorganisation. 

The elected members and officers of Derby and Derbyshire LMC remain at the heart of the organisation. Acting under the elected members’ direction, the LMC liaises, engages and negotiates with and between NHS North Midlands, Public Health, Commissioning Managers, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and GP practices.

Meet the DDLMC Members

  Dr Peter Williams
  Derbyshire Dales

Dr Peter Williams, Derbyshire County PCT, LMC Chairman, GP Partner 
Peter has been a GP in Bakewell since 2001. He has been the Chair of DDLMC since 2012. As a GP he strives to deliver continuously improving high quality and compassionate care to all patients.

  Chief Executive 
  Dr Kath Markus

Kath has been Chief Executive of the DDLMC since August 2016. During that time she has been a vocal representative for GPs and remains actively involved in developing care pathways for patients. She has over 30 years’ experience as a GP in Chesterfield.

  Dr Peter Holden 
  Derbyshire Dales

Peter Holden, Imperial Road Surgery, GP partner, LMC Treasurer.
A member of the LMC since 1981 and Treasurer of DDLMC since 1993, Peter represents local GPs on the national General Practitioners Committee, where he has served with distinction for 35 years. He is still Deputy Policy Lead; Finance and Premises on a UK basis, chairs the BMA Professional Fees Committee. He manages to balance these roles with being the senior partner in a CQC Outstanding Practice and is as an award-winning ‘lifesaving pioneer’ through his pre-hospital life support work for the Air Ambulances in the East Midlands and East of England. He is also Strategic Medical Advisor for East Midlands Ambulance Service.

  Executive Officer
  Dr Greg Crowley
  Amber Valley

Greg has been a member of DDLMC since 2006. He has just finished partnership after 20 years. He represents the LMC as the discipline specific practitioner (decision maker) on the Area Team's Performance List Decision Panel. He is a doctor in Derby Mountain Rescue Team.

  Executive Officer
  Dr Simeon Rackham

Having qualified as a GP through the Chesterfield scheme in 2017 Simeon now works as a salaried GP at Chatsworth Road Medical Centre, Chesterfield. He has been a member of the LMC since joining in 2016 during his second year of training (ST2) and enjoys the occasional picket line.He has a strong desire to involve more trainees and recently qualified GPs in the DDLMC and its work in representing local GPs and contributing to shaping the NHS both locally and nationally. Alongside general practice he has a growing interest in palliative care and is a keen cycling advocate both in and out of work.

  Executive Officer
  Dr Gail Walton

Gail has been a DDLMC member since 2014 and a GP in Ilkeston for 29 years. She has been a GP appraiser since appraisals began, is a locality lead for appraisal and has trained as a GP-S mentor. She works with the RCGP in their Supporting Practices programme and is a director for Erewash Health.

  LMC Member & Head of Communications 
  Dr Susie Bayley
  Derby City South

Dr Susie Bayley, Locum, LMC Member, Head of Communications for DDLMC. Susie qualified as a GP in 2010. Passionate about General Practice, but concerned by growing workload, and lack of control, Susie developed a keen interest in medical politics. She combined this with her social media expertise to become Chair of, the online group: GP Survival (2015-16). She has recently become a Partner in the peer support and education group Resilient GP. Utilising her experience and skills she became Head of Communications for both the DDLMC and its sister organisation the GP Task Force in 2016. She believes giving GPs a loud clear voice to help them provide a safe, quality service for patients.

  LMC Member
  Dr John Ashcroft

Dr Ashcroft has been a LMC member for a number of years and has a keen interest in cardiovascular medicine, diabetes and family planning. Dr Ashcroft also enjoys scrutinising and challenging NHSE policies. Dr Ashcroft is a Partner at old Station Surgery.

  LMC Member
  Dr James Betteridge-Sorby
  South Derbyshire


James undertook his medical training at the University of Oxford and returned to his native Derbyshire on qualifying in 2009. He has been a member of the LMC since 2012, initially representing trainees whilst completing his GP training on the Derby Speciality Training Scheme. He has been a Partner at Swadlincote Surgery since August 2014. He is currently the Clinical Place Lead for South Derbyshire and has a special interest in Primary Care Workforce Development and Training. He has previously been involved in other education roles and worked as a Specialist Advisor to the Care Quality Commission between 2013-2016.

  LMC Member
  Dr Katherine Brennan
  High Peak

Kate Brennan qualified as a GP in 2008 and is a partner at the Stewart Medical Centre in Buxton. Alongside her GP role and Mum to a young family Kate is an active member of the Primary Care Development Group as the High Peak Representative. She feels hugely passionate that the High Peak primary care teams and patients need a clear voice and is excited and privileged to become a new member of the LMC.

  LMC Member
  Dr Ruth Dils
  Bolsover & North East Derbyshire

Ruth has been GP in Derbyshire since 2005, during which time she has worked as a salaried GP, partner and locum in both rural and urban practices. She has been an LMC member since 2009.

  LMC Member

  Dr Andrew Jordan

Andy qualified as a GP in 1999 and has been working in Long Eaton as a partner since 2000. He has represented Erewash on the LMC since 2010. He works as a GP trainer for Derby Vocational Training Scheme and is a GP tutor for undergraduate training with the University of Nottingham. Andy has been involved with promoting research in primary care through the National Institute for Health Research over the last decade. Outside medicine, he has a keen interest in broadcasting and works in community radio - currently developing a health-based broadcasting service in Leicestershire, and plays the bass guitar very badly.

  LMC Member
  Dr Heather (Paddy) Kinsella
  Amber Valley

Born in Scotland, brought up in England, Qualified in Dublin, she did house jobs in the midlands, then 18/12 paediatrics and VTS in Derby. After 18/12 in practice she went to Dharamsala in Northern India to work with Tibetan refugees for 6 months. The main health issues there were dysentery, TB (including 3rd line failures) and outbreaks of measles and meningococcal infections in the children’s village. This brought home the importance of the organisation of health care. Paddy has been a partner at the Whitemoor Medical Centre (formally Green lane surgery) Belper for over 30 years. Ten years ago she did a Master’s in Business Administration to help cope with the constant change and financial challenges of being senior partner in a general practice. At the moment Paddy is a co-place lead for Belper and a director of PCDC.

  LMC Member
  Dr Pauline Love
  Derbyshire Dales

Pauline is a GP in Bakewell since 2007. End Of Life Lead for NDCCG since 2007 and works as a Macmillan GP Advisor for the East Midlands. As a GP she strives for all dying patients to die with respect and dignity in the place of their choice.

   LMC Member
  Dr Heather Ryan
  South Derbyshire

Heather joined the partnership at Swadlincote Surgery when she qualified as a GP in 2017. During her training in Liverpool, she undertook a Medical Leadership Fellowship and served as the RCGP Associates in Training rep for Mersey Deanery. She now combines her clinical commitments with a role as a Recruitment Fellow for RCGP Midland Faculty, and in her spare time enjoys freelance medical writing. Heather believes passionately in the independent contractor model of General Practice, and looks forward to representing her colleagues via the LMC.

  LMC Member
  Dr Jenny North
  Amber Valley

Jenny North was born in North London and subsequently attended Sheffield medical school. She worked in Derbyshire for many years as a GP retainer, sessional doctor and trainer. She however realised after a few years as a partner that family life is not always compatible with partnership, and is now a sessional doctor in the same practice, that is Parkside Surgery in Alfreton. Alfreton is part of Amber Valley which is an area made up of generally traditional practices. Amber Valley is starting to work at scale with some areas being much more highly evolved in this than others. Jenny is constantly surprised by the mutual lack of understanding between secondary and primary care, particularly in relation to the unique financial position of General Practice. She believes the LMC has a clear overview of many parts of the health and social care system, and can use this strength to make constructive proposals.

  LMC Member
  Dr Mark Wood
  Derbyshire Dales


Mark joined the LMC within a year of qualifying as a GP in 2009; he was elected to the role of Executive Director following its creation in 2014. Undergraduate training in London included a unique BSc in Primary Health Care. Mark completed all his GP training in North Derbyshire, then working widely, before settling with his young family in Matlock. He considers General Practice in Derbyshire to be amongst the best and feels it is certainly the best role and place to live in the Country. Building on one of his diplomas in Dermatology, multilateral working with Hospital Consultants and CCG colleagues across the County and City has lead to Care Pathway developments and a contract to provide a highly valued GPSI Dermatology service in the North Dales. He is particularly keen to engage Sessional doctors in LMC business, interacting with the various health care organisations and in mutual support of our Principal colleagues, without whom we would not have the personal and professional flexibility that Sessional GP status affords.

  LMC Member
  Dr Michael Wong
  Amber Valley

Michael has been a GP in Ripley for 23 years. He has an interest in practice IT and patient education and recently combined both into a video on the State of General Practice which went viral in 2017. Following consequent peer pressure, he joined the LMC in 2018.