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Trainee ACPs (tACPs) need to maintain a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their progress and evidence which competencies they have met. As advanced practitioners they need evidence across the four pillars of advanced practice.

Each pillar should not be seen in isolation but more as four areas of practice than come together to allow a clinician to work at an advanced level. For example a quality improvement project could lead to a change in process requiring leadership skills to implement. Shared learning from this type of work, when presented at a local group/meeting could demonstrate some educational competencies.

Each tACP should keep a Learning Log detailing the evidence of competency.

There should be a couple of learning log entries a week reflecting on cases where they have identified learning needs, achieved competency

Reflective templates to help can be found here.

It is advised that the portfolio should include the following;

  • Personal Development Plan (PDP) identifying SMART objectives (Template can be found here)
  • A record of modules successfully completed at university
  • A record of work place based assessments to include an observational assessment - Mini-cex or COT, a case based discussion (CBD) and directly observed procedures (DOPs)
  • Quality Improvement Projects/Audit
  • Information relating to management and leadership
  • Information relating to the education
  • Any patient compliments or complaints
  • Significant Event Analysis
  • Patient satisfaction questionnaires (PSQ)
  • Multi source feedback (MSF) from colleagues

Guidance regarding the minimum numbers of WPBA can be found in the back of the Derbyshire Core Competency Document. This is currently under review and is likely to be revised upwards.