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MSc Advanced Practice Programmes & funding

Please see below for links to local HEI’s that provide MSc Advanced Practice programmes. The Derbyshire ACP group work closely with these HEI’s in helping with development of curriculum, assessment etc. We are very grateful for their support in our work. Each programme varies slightly and you may be able to undertake a module at an alternative HEI and APEL the points across – this would need discussing with the programme leader.

University of Derby

Sheffield Hallam University

University of Nottingham


The Derbyshire ACP Strategy group now have a role in allocating funding for the ACP role. The ACP role will no longer be funded by LBR and certain criteria will need to be met to access any funding.

Criteria as follows;

  • Must be employed as ‘trainee ACP’ or ‘junior ACP’ until full MSc has been awarded and they have met all of the Derbyshire ACP Core Competencies.
  • ACPs (in Derbyshire) are experienced clinicians with at least 5yrs post qualification experience of which 2 years working at a senior level. Historically most within general practice have been nurses but other clinical staff has been working at advanced level, for example pharmacists and physiotherapists. The ACP title in Derbyshire is a generalist not a specialist (further info in ACP Pilot Derbyshire document).
  • They must be working in an appropriate post where they are seeing appropriate patients and can develop their competencies, under supervision. It’s no good asking an experienced practice nurse to complete the MSc ACP programme whilst still working as a PN. They need access to patients with undifferentiated, undiagnosed conditions.
  • They must have an allocated clinical supervisor. They must receive debrief sessions, undertake WPBA and maintain a portfolio of evidence - please see tabs for further/more detailed information

For further/more detailed information please see links to following documents below

ACP Pilot Derbyshire here

Information for clinicians within primary care wishing to seek funding for advanced practice modules here