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Job Description/Person Spec Tools/Salary/Indemnity

The following pay structure is the one followed at the acute trust in Derbyshire and is the one promoted and supported by the Derbyshire Advanced Strategy Group.

To qualify for a Band 8a the ACP must have been awarded the full MSc and evidenced that they meet the Derbyshire Advanced Clinical Practice Core Competencies through the use of a portfolio of workplace based assessments.

Pay scale info
Agenda for Change (2017-18)

• Trainee ACP

–Band 6 (£26,565-£35,577)

–Band 7 if already has some qualifications/experience (£31,696-£41,787)

• Fully Qualified (full MSc)

–Band 8a (£40,428-£48,514)

• Lead Post

–Band 8b (£47,092-£58,271)

National ACP Apprenticeship Standard, including job description

Indemnity in Primary Care

General practice clinicians working in primary care need to ensure they have the correct level of indemnity cover in place.

Those with an ‘advanced’ title should not be covered on the practice group scheme and should have cover appropriate to their role.

Clinicians who have the ‘advanced’ title need to have Masters level education and be able to evidence competency across the four pillars of advanced practice as outlined in the HEE Multi professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England.

Advanced level clinicians should be seeing patients with undifferentiated and undiagnosed conditions. The HEE Multi professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England requires that health and care professionals working at the level of advanced clinical practice will exercise autonomy and decision making in a context of complexity, uncertainty and varying levels of risk, holding accountability for decisions made. Each clinician needs to work within their scope of competency.

If in any doubt it is advisable to send an accurate and up-to-date copy of the job description to the indemnity company to ensure the cover they provide is adequate for the role in question.

UK Government has announced that it plans to launch a state backed indemnity scheme to provide GPs in primary care with indemnity against clinical negligence claims arising from NHS contracted work, protecting them just as NHS hospital doctors are protected. It is assumed that this would also extend to ACPs. The details of the scheme are being worked out, but it will be administered by NHS Resolution (formerly NHSR) and is due to commence in April 2019.

this comes in, the position should be the same in both primary and secondary care with NHSR will providing crown indemnity in respect of clinical negligence claims arising from NHS. Irrespective of the indemnity position, there may be some circumstances where an ACP needs legal advice and representation which falls outside the crown indemnity/practice cover. For example; in disciplinary proceedings, in criminal prosecution for gross negligence/manslaughter, in an inquest where they require independent representation perhaps because they are expecting personal criticism. Therefore, ACPs should check whether the RCN or another union will cover them for this and what the limits of cover are – do they need additional medical defence cover. These questions will need addressing in the future once more information is released.