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Changes to Indemnity

From Mark Sanford-Wood GPC Exec:

After discussion with MPS I can provide the following clarification:

The structure offered by the MPS falls into 2 categories: Professional Protection (GMC representation, complaints advice etc) and Claims Protection (cover for private work). Under Professional Protection the website asks if you do any of the following higher risk activities and the answer in many cases will be yes. This will add about £150 per year to the Professional Protection premium. However when it comes to Claims Protection the question is subtly different and asks if you require MPS indemnity for any of the higher risk activities. Given that CNSGP covers these as long as they are delivered for the NHS the answer in most cases should be no. This seems counter-intuitive to many and answering yes to this question has the effect of producing premiums often over £2,000. This question should be answered in the affirmative only if those activities will be carried out privately.

For most normal GPs the levels of private earning per doctor spread across all doctors in a practice will be considerably under £2,500 per year and the price range for both professional representation and private cover combined should be under £1,000 per year regardless of the MDO you join. It is only where GPs are doing significant amounts of private work requiring private indemnity outside of the CNSGP that costs should be significant.