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Form Loc1 - Reimbursements for Practice

Sickness/Parental Leave Reimbursements

Practices are reminded that these must be submitted to dngp.nhse@nhs.net. Attached is a copy of the Loc1 form for practices to use should they be required to claim. When returning the Loc1, please submit the relevant evidence to support the claim e.g. MatB1 or MED3 notes.


Minor Surgery claims

Practices are reminded that they should not submit claims for curettage, cautery and cryocautery as these are paid as part of the global sum as per the contract.


CQC Registration Reimbursement, Clinical Waste, Water, and Business Rates

Invoices for these claims are to be sent to england.deno-gpfinqueries@nhs.net.


Immunisation and Vaccination Enhanced Services

Queries in relation to these services are to be sent to england.cqrsqueries@nhs.net


Performers List Matter, GP pensions, GP Records, Supplies etc

Queries will need to be submitted via the online webform https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact-us


Additional information for inclusion

When submitting copy documents for reimbursement, please ensure that scans and copies are fully legible and complete. Incomplete and/or illegible documents will be returned and this may result in a delay in reimbursement. (Water bills in particular can prove difficult to scan/copy)


Practices are also reminded that, where applicable, copy rent invoices should be sent to england.derbyshirenottinghamshire-gpfinance@nhs.net as and they are available.

Please note: there is no change to the reimbursements, this is purely a reminder to Practices to submit copy invoices.

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