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DDLMC News Bulletin - March 2019

Issue date: 08 March 2019

Focus on: Derbyshire Future General Practice

How will the NHS Ten Year Plan / GP Partnership Review impact Derbyshire practices?

Our document summarises these two important publications and what we’re doing to help you.

DDLMC Positions & Updates

See all of our Position Statements and Information Updates.

Falsified Medicines Directive - click here to view - No new updates

NEW - The New GP Contract and the Development of Primary Care Networks in Derbyshire - click here to read.

The GP Task Force - Helping You And Your Practice

Please click here to view the General Practice Task Force (GPTF) Projects Summary Report, dated 8 October 2018.

GP Task Force Derbyshire: Wraparound Support for Derbyshire General Practice

Practice Support

Need help with GP recruitment? Want to look to improve your workload? Or need some support for your wellbeing?

The GP Task Force Can Help

There's a huge number of examples and resources on our website . Contact us at ddlmc.gptf@nhs.net to find out more.

Coming Soon: CV workshops / Partnership Development Programme / Retirement planning and networking

GP Support

If you are a GP at a career crossroads or considering leaving the profession, we can help.

Our interactive guide lists all the support available. Please click here to view this.

If you would like to discuss this further; one of our Project team will be happy to have a confidential chat to discuss next steps. Contact ddlmc.gptf@nhs.net  or call us on 01332 210008.

All Practice Managers and GPs in Derbyshire can access a free peer mentor within days with GP-S. Click here for more information.

Derbyshire Education Network - Free CPD

Introducing Derbyshire Education Network - FREE education sessions for sessional GPs in Chesterfield and Derby.
See the Derbyshire Education Network website for details.

Please book through the Derbyshire LMC  website .

North Session - Joint Injection Update - 11 April 2019

South Session - Basic Life Support - 27 March 2019

Derbyshire Medical Chambers: Locum Work Made Easy

DMC meets all a locum's booking and administrative needs, whilst providing networking, clinical support and education. If you're doing full-time locum work, or just interested in picking up a few extra sessions we can help.

Be supported and engaged in the system you work in - please see our website for more details.

GP Contract

To view the GP Contract Slideshow, please click here.

QOF Issues

As the end of the QOF year approaches some Systm1 practices have reported their PAD points affected by incorrect peripheral vascular disease codes added to patient records by the DCHS podiatry service. Practices need to task podiatry to remove said codes which has been proving troublesome.

Whilst it is perfectly justifiable to exception report these, it still leaves incorrect data in the patient record.

Alvaro Pancisi, head of informatics at DCHS is happy to be a point of contact for these code issues and will arrange their removal from patients’ records Alvaro.pancisi@nhs.net

He has also agreed to arrange an update of the problematic template but I have asked that they liaise with the LMC regarding this as we know there are other issues with some of the DCHS templates such as multiple duplicate read codes and allergies.

NHS Pension Scheme

The NHS Pension Scheme for England and Wales - Changes to scheme regulations 2019

The recent consultation about the proposed changes to the National Health Service Pension Scheme, Additional Voluntary Contributions and Injury Benefits (Amendment) Regulations 2019 has now concluded and the full outcome can be viewed at www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-of-health-and-social-care

The main headline is that the increase to the Employer contribution rate to 20.6%, (+0.08% administration cost) will be implemented from 1 April 2019. However, NHSBS will only collect 14.3% from employer plus the 0.08% for the administration levy. Central payment will be made by NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care for the respective proportions of the outstanding 6.3% for the financial year 2019/20. Full details can be found in Section 4 of the consultation response. Arrangements for 2020/21 will be confirmed later in the year and the Department of Health and Social Care will shortly publish a further document to answer any questions you may have concerning the outcome.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs Pregabalin and Gabapentin are to be reclassified as Class C controlled drugs, under Schedule 3 of the Misuse of Drugs Act from 1st April 2019

This change in the law will mean the drugs are still available for legitimate use on prescription, but there will be more stringent controls in place to ensure accountability and minimise risks.

* Clinicians will need to physically sign the prescription for these drugs, rather than electronic copies
* Pharmacies are required to dispense the drugs within 28 days of the prescription being written
* Prescriptions limited to 30 day prescribing.

Practices may wish to review their patient lists and begin to implement these changes before 1st April 2019. This ensures that patients are aware of the changes before the deadline.

GP Premises Survey results

Practice premises remain a significant issue for many GPs. The BMA have undertaken a major premises survey to highlight the scale of the problems and the results show that only half of premises in England are fit for purpose, with surgeries too small to meet the demands of a growing population. Over 1,000 practices took part in the survey and the findings help to build a fuller picture of the current landscape for GP premises and feed into the GP premises review which is led by NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care. Key findings include:

  • Only half of practices said their premises were suitable for present needs.
  • Eight in ten practices said their practices were not suitable for future needs or anticipated population growth.
  • GP premises are on average 35 years old, having been first built or converted in 1984.
  • 7 in 10 practices are in purpose-built premises.

Increasing patient access to digital services - blog

Farah Jameel, GPC England Executive Team member and IT lead has written a blog about the digital aspects of the recent GP contract announcement, to explain what this means for practices. The main intention is to enable practices to offer greater digital access to patients and help manage workload, which is predicated on appropriate and functional infrastructure being in place. Read the blog here..

Pensions blog

Krishan Aggarwal, Deputy Chair of the Sessional GPs subcommittee and member of the BMA Pensions Committee has written a blog focusing on the Type 2 forms for Sessional GPs. Note that the link included last week, was to the previous blog. Read the latest blog here

Physician Associates in general practice

As part of the GP contract agreement in England, there is going to be a significant push to expand the workforce to support practices via Primary Care Networks. To help practices prepare, the BMA has compiled a list of considerations for practices to understand the role of a Physician Associate better. This resource also includes a series of case studies which outline the experiences of already practices working with and employing PAs. Read the guidance here

Decisions about clinically-assisted nutrition and hydration (CANH) – what GPs need to know:

Following publication of the BMA and RCP’s guidance on decisions about CANH and adults who lack capacity in England and Wales, we have developed a new shorter resource for GPs which highlights the key things they need to know about these decisions. Although GPs might only rarely come across patients who are receiving, or who might need, CANH, when they do, the decisions can be particularly demanding. This short resource serves as a stepping stone to the more in-depth guidance. Find out more and download the leaflet at www.bma.org.uk/CANH

New standards for GP surgeries on end-of-life care

The RCGP and Marie Curie have published new standards , called the “Daffodil Standards”, which are designed to support primary care teams in making improvements in delivering care to patients at the end of life. BMA work on end-of-life care from 2015 identified the crucial role primary care teams can play in providing high quality care at the end of life, but highlighted the challenges facing GPs in doing so.

Key Messages From Joined-up Care Derbyshire (STP)

If you have any questions , please get in touch at joinedupcarederbyshire@nhs.net.

BMA / GPC Updates

Updated Firearms Guidance - click here to read more.

Read the latest GPC newsletter here

Rate Swaps

Click here to read an email from John Canning, Director of Operations, GPDF Limited regarding Rate Swaps

Kraft HR Consulting

Kraft’s services are focused around the needs of organisations that don't have in-house HR expertise or need additional capacity or capability. To read more click here.

Events and Training

Upcoming Events and Training

To see all of the Events and Training Opportunities advertised on our website, please click here.

Free event - CQC Update for Practice Management Staff - 08 April 2019 - click here to book

Retirement Planning Workshop - 20 March 2019 - If you would like to attend please contact, ddmc.gptf@nhs.net to check availability

Sexual Health Network Event- 26 March 2019 - book here

Derbyshire Self-Harm / Suicide Prevention Partnership Event -  9 May 2019 - Click here to view more


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