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DDLMC Weekly Update 06/06/2022




New IPC (infection prevention and control) Guidance 01.06.2022

Sent out from Professor Stephen Powis, NHS Medical Director.

Please note:

This highlights the updates from UK Health Security Agency and notes that this advice should sit alongside the National Infection Prevention and Control manual and local risk assessment. There is also an acknowledgement that there may need to be a period of transition as practices make changes to their operating procedures especially in light of local COVID-19 infection rates.

Top line summary of points:

· Patients should be able to be accompanied to appointments if they wish

· Health and care staff should wear facemasks in untriaged settings where patients might have COVID19

· Masking where known patients with immunosuppression

· Health and care staff in general do not need to wear face masks in nonclinical areas e.g. offices unless personal preference

· Patients with respiratory symptoms should wear a facemask or covering if tolerated or offered one on arrival

· Other patients not required to wear a facemask unless personal preference

· People accompanying patients not routinely required to wear a face mask unless personal preference

Suggested key points are:

· local risk assessment by individual practices is still advised in line with Health & Safety guidelines for the clinically vulnerable.

· phasing of changes and

· working in line with the national infection prevention and control manual

· to implement as per previous changes.

Further updates will be shared as they become available


Extending Fit Note Certification

From 1 July, legislation is changing which will allow more healthcare professionals to certify fit notes to patients.

  • Currently only doctors can legally certify fit notes. DWP are now changing the legislation which will allow a further four professions to do this. These professions are nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and pharmacists.
  • Not everybody working within these professions should issue fit notes. Professionals should be working in a suitable environment and have the necessary skills and training to have work and health conversations with patients. This task needs to be within their professional ‘scope of practice’, therefore new guidance and training has been developed which will help professionals to identify if this task is suitable for them.
  • This legislation change applies across England, Scotland, and Wales.
  • This change follows legislation changes in April which removed the need for fit notes to be signed in ink. This change made it possible for doctors to certify fit notes digitally and also for patients to receive their fit note via digital channels (where GP IT systems support this).


BMA Fees Calculator

Doctors have undercharged for private and non-NHS fee-based work for years, effectively subsidising the system and taking the hit on their take- home pay. In response to this issue which was highlighted during ARM last year, we recently launched the Fees calculator and feedback has been extremely positive. Many doctors told us that they rarely reviewed their fees, some looked to their peers to gauge what to charge, and others used guidelines that were years out of date. The Fees calculator helps doctors decide how much to charge for their services based on their own circumstances. Find out more

The Fees calculator uses your overheads to calculate a fee range for the time it takes to complete a piece of work. The calculations are specific to you, and you can see what rates you would need to charge to make sure your costs are covered. You can find out more about how the tool can help you save money and save time.


GP Pension Scheme

The BMA Pensions Committee have launched a new CPI modeller for the GP pension scheme for GPs to look at their pension growth in 2022/23 and 2023/24 tax years. There will be significant tax implications for some GPs’ pensions due to the increase in inflation rate, meaning that some GPs could have a large Annual Allowance charge when these become due. It is important that you urgently take steps to understand your position and the potential impact this may have on future Annual Allowance charges. Entering your own data and numbers in the tool will only take a few minutes and will enable you to see how this might affect you personally. The BMA Pensions Committee continue to lobby Government on this significant issue and encourage members to raise this with their local MPs and help increase awareness with fellow GPs.



Annual Health Checks To Patients Aged 14 Years Or Over On The Learning Disabilities Register


Under the LDHC (Learning Disability Health Check Scheme) DES, GP practices are required to offer an annual health check to each patient aged 14 years or over on the learning disabilities register. The requirements are set out in the DES Directions 2022. During the pandemic, NHSE/I advised GP practices that the LDHC could be undertaken with a blend of remote and in person appointments.

However, recent feedback of patient experience gather by NHSE/I has indicated a preference to return to face-to-face checks, so NHSE/I request that GP practices ensure at least part of the check is face to face unless there is a strong clinical and/or patient preference for not doing so. Where the LDHC has already been delivered virtually this financial year, this will still be counted. More information can be found here.


GPC Newsletter June 2022
View the latest GPC update to practices here.

Updated Monkeypox guidance 30.05.22



NHS Numbers For People Coming To The UK From Ukraine

We wanted to confirm that people coming to the UK from Ukraine will already have an NHS number as these flow from the visa process. Please ensure you search for an existing NHS number e.g. at the point of GP registration, taking care when translating names from Cyrillic to English text.

There may be some exceptions, due the circumstances of an individual’s arrival in the UK, where a new NHS number needs to be requested.


The Rebuild General Practice Campaign continues to tackle the crisis facing general practice. The campaign has been building awareness of the key issues in the media, with the public and with politicians. We need your support to amplify the message and make the campaign a success.

Invite your MP to the Parliamentary Event

We are hosting a parliamentary drop-in event on Wednesday 15 June. The aim is to engage politicians from all parties, and raise awareness of the challenges facing general practice. This is a real opportunity to influence policymakers, and we are encouraging you to write to your MP and ask them to attend. Write to your MP

Have you signed the ‘Letter to my patients’?

The campaign is asking GPs across the nation to sign an open letter to our patients - showing them that GPs are on their side. Over 250 GPs have already signed. To add your signature, simply email hello@rebuildgp.co.uk with your full name. You can read the letter on the campaign website. The letter is regularly updated as new signatures are added.

GPTF DERBYSHIRE – Wraparound Support for Derbyshire General Practice


From this financial year 2022/23 HED are able to support Primary Care employers with levy funding for the ACP MSc Apprenticeship pathway. If you are an employing practice considering the Apprenticeship and would like further information then please contact sharon.bown@healtheducationengland.co.uk Enquiries for the Autumn 2022 start date need to be received by Thursday 16th June 2022 and enquiries for the Spring 2023 start date by Tuesday 4th October 2022


Return to Work Drop in Session

RTW Drop-in June 2022.pdf

Calling All GPs Returning from an Extended Period of Leave. If you have been on an extended period of leave for > 3m e.g. parental leave, sick leave if can be difficult to feel confident returning to work. GPTF in association with the Nottingham Phoenix Programme invite you to attend a ‘ Return to Work Drop in Session’.

Please find attached flyer for further information.

Please remember there is a wealth of support about long -term leave, whether planned or unplanned, on our GP Pause mini-site.


BOOK NOW: “Time to Listen” - Let’s Help Improve Men’s Mental Health

GPTF are delighted to be running a “Time to Listen” Men’s Mental Health workshop. This virtual session is for FREE. Join Dr Naren Nathan – Senthil for an evening about Men’s Mental Health and hear his own story!

Please see further details  attached.

“Time to Listen” - Let’s Help Improve Men’s Mental Health: Thursday 16th June 19:00

Book here

BOOK NOW: DEN Sessions

We have a new Derbyshire Education Network (DEN) session available to book. This is a free event, held virtually via Zoom. See further details below.

Topic: Children’s Safeguarding Training

Date and Time: Wednesday 10th August 2022 13:30 – 16:30

Speakers: Dr Ruth Bentley, Dr Sandra Ives, Dr Jeremy Gibson

Session Objectives:

  • Legislation and guidance (national and local)
  • Effective interagency working
  • GP practice environment
  • Personal qualities
  • Think family and vulnerability
  • Identify abuse and neglect
  • Respond appropriately
  • Clinical vignettes

Register in advance for this meeting:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Primary Care Wellbeing Newsletter June 22

Wellbeing June Nutrition 1_1543701226.pdf

June’s Primary Care Wellbeing newsletter has landed, this month’s focus is on nutrition! It also includes an updated activities timetable and some selfcare hints and tips, please find attached.

Upcoming Events:

Introduction to benefits in primary care webinar Monday, June 13th, 2022 at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Time to Listen” Let’s Help Improve Men’s Mental Health Thursday, June 16th, 2022 at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Who is your Wellbeing Champion?

One of the ambitions set out in the NHS People plan is to encourage all organisations to roll out a network of Wellbeing Champions. There are many benefits to your organisation including improving employee morale, reducing absence rates and supports in building a healthier and more inclusive culture within practice.

We would like to support you with the implementation of this role and have attached a simple handout to inform and guide you on finding and implementing your Wellbeing Champion.

Health Improvement Advisor

Bookable appointments with our Health Improvement Advisor are available for every primary care site with a health improvement advisor to visit in person or virtually.

They will be able to distribute specialist knowledge, raise awareness and promote local and national initiatives to improve wellbeing within your teams.



Diabetes UK Type 1 Summer Camps 2022

Preston, Lancashire – Saturday, 23 July (11.30am) until Wednesday, 27 July (4pm)

Weymouth, Dorset – Saturday, 20 August (11.30am) until Wednesday, 24 August (4pm)

A Type 1 Summer Camp is a unique experience that gives 11–15-year-olds living with type 1 the time and space to gain confidence, share experiences, and realise they’re not alone. We rely on healthcare professional volunteers to run these life-changing events.

Volunteer with us and you'll enhance your professional practice, gaining invaluable experience of being away from clinic in the field managing type 1. You'll see how your advice has a life-long impact, ensuring everyone leaves feeling more confident about living with and managing type 1.

Crucially – the number of places for young people we’ll be able to offer depends entirely on how many healthcare professionals sign up to volunteer. For every 1 doctor/nurse and 1 dietitian who apply, 6 young people can attend.

For our 2022 Summer Camp we are looking for PDSNs, DSNs, registrars, consultants, and dietitians. Both Paediatric and Adult HCPs are very welcome. They just need to have clinical experience of type 1.

You can find out what’s involved in volunteering at a camp as a healthcare professional by reading our What to Expect guide here. Once you’re ready, you can register your interest here.


FREE Lipids Education Event

There is an upcoming CVD and Diabetes event being held Thursday 16 June, 1pm-3pm, discussing important topics such as:

  • The Importance of Cholesterol and Lipid lowering to prevent cardiovascular disease
  • How the above is achieved through Lifestyle and Medication in Primary Care
  • Who to Refer to in secondary care
  • Awareness and use of unified Derbyshire Lipid Guidelines

This event is open to: GPs, Practice Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Diabetes specialist nurses, CVD and HF Specialist Nurses

Find out more about the event and book your place here



Health Education Derbyshire Events

Event :: Palpitations Masterclass Educational Event :: Palpitations Masterclass Educational Event :: Health Education Derbyshire

Training Events :: Health Education Derbyshire



NHS Smartcard Renewal Pressures

NHS Digital are expecting a large influx of NHS smartcard renewal requests in the next four weeks. If any practice staff have received automated messages that their smartcards are due for renewal they are encouraged to self-renew as soon as possible. NHS Digital have guidance on how to self-renew which can be found here.


Joy Social Prescribing Platform Update

I wanted to update you on the progress we’re making on rolling out Joy, the social prescribing platform, across Derbyshire. This email will give you an update on installation progress, some background information about Joy, instructions specifically for SystmOne and EMIS and next steps.

If you haven't heard about Joy or want to find out more check out the Derbyshire recorded demos:

Joy PCN Manager Demo and Q&A

Joy demo and Q&A session for PCN managers-20220406_150321-Meeting Recording.mp4

Joy general overview demo and Q&A

Joy Demo - General overview and Q&A-20220518_160506-Meeting Recording.mp4

Or if you are in a rush take a look at the following Joy in three minutes video:



We are contacting each practice about the installation steps – the sooner the installation is set-up the sooner we can go live.

Installation guides are available here.



To see all vacancies available, please click here.

Derby and Derbyshire LMC Ltd

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Telephone: 01332 210008 Email ddlmc.office@nhs.net


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