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Advice and Services

Derby and Derbyshire Local Medical Committee (LMC) provides advice for individual GPs with specific problems, partnerships and business matters and advises and supports Practice Managers with their general queries.

Derby and Derbyshire LMC strives to support all GPs and their Practice Manager. It aims to ensure that GPs and their workforce are properly valued and their skills are properly utilised.

The many functions and duties of Derby and Derbyshire LMC derive from its statutory recognition and may be divided into three groups:

1. The administration of aspects of the GMS contract

2. The administration of aspects of PMS and APMS contracts (where this is included in the contracts)

3. The representation of general practitioners as a whole

In addition Derby and Derbyshire LMC performs other services derived from local ‘custom and practice’ to include:

  • Central office resource to include website
  • Interpretation of regulations e.g. contracts, CQC and performers list
  • Complaint support and management
  • Campaign support (e.g. seasonal flu vaccinations)
  • Partnership issues
  • Employment issues
  • Assisting dispensing practices
  • Mentorship
  • Pastoral support
  • Performance reviews
  • Organising and co-ordinating training
  • Producing monthly newsletter, précis, and reports
  • Promoting and marketing general practice
  • Helping GPs with complaints and performance reviews

Derby and Derbyshire LMC is a source of advice for GPs about complaints. Assisting GPs by:

  • Helping frame the appropriate written responses to complaints received
  • Acting as an intermediary
  • Attending performance review/dispute panels with GPs (as the doctor’s friend)
  • Derbyshire LMC also nominates GPs to offer independent clinical advice to Complaints Conciliators and Complaints Conveyors, and to sit as clinical members of panels and committees outside Derbyshire, a service reciprocated by GPs nominated by other LMCs
  • Attending meetings where a GP is asked to respond to concerns about their performance (as the doctor’s friend)