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ACP Introduction - National and Local Guidance

Welcome To The Advanced Clinical Practice Website For Primary Care In Derbyshire

The Derbyshire Advanced Clinical Strategy Group (DACPSG) are working on behalf of the LWAB to support and standardise advanced clinical practice (ACP) roles which follows the publication of the HEE Multi professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England in November 2017.

This framework provides a clear definition and specifies the capabilities for clinicians using the 'advanced' title. This framework supports a level of practice and as such encompasses both those working in 'advanced specialist' and 'advanced generalist' roles.

Clinicians who use the term ‘advanced’ in their title need to have Masters level education and be able to evidence competency across the four pillars of advanced practice as outlined in the HEE Multi professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England. This requires that health and care professionals working at the level of advanced clinical practice will exercise autonomy and decision making in a context of complexity, uncertainty and varying levels of risk, holding accountability for decisions made. Each clinician needs to work within their scope of competency.

The Core Capabilities framework was commissioned by Paul Vaughan, Head of Perceptions and General Practice Nursing, NHS England/NHS Improvement who leads the GPN Ten Point Plan and Beverley Harden, Associate Director of Education & Quality, Health Education England.

The Advanced Clinical Practice Toolkit supports ongoing work to enhance the understanding of Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP). The toolkit aims to benchmark this level of practice and its application to specific roles across clinical practice, leadership and management, education and research.

The toolkit provides general information about the ACP role as well as specific information aimed at the following groups of people: practitioners, educators, employers, commissioners, those planning the workforce across systems and patients/service users.

In Derbyshire it has been agreed that the title Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) would be used for those who meet the requirements agreed within the national framework in addition to those agreed within Derbyshire. The ACP in Derbyshire is a generalist role. They will be expected to be able to assess across all systems, hold a full MSc and have a portfolio of evidence that they meet the Derbyshire Core ACP competencies. These core competencies need to be met regardless of the setting they work within. For practitioners supported with funding it was also agreed that they would use the title trainee ACP to facilitate a move towards a common understanding by patients and healthcare professionals.

 Derbyshire ACP Core competencies

The information on this website has been compiled to support primary care in developing advanced clinical practitioners.
It has been compiled by Julia Taylor, on behalf of the Derbyshire ACP Strategy Group.
There is information on a variety of topics including;

  • Guidance & training (framework)
  • Information for clinicians within primary care wishing to seek funding for advanced clinical practice MSc
  • Key Clinical Presentations for building Primary Care Competency
  • MSc Advanced Practice Programmes & funding
  • Patient Information
  • Portfolio tools

This website will be updated as work progresses.
If you require any further help/assistance, please contact;
Julia Taylor
Advanced Clinical Practitioner/GP Trainer
GP Training Programme Director, LLR


@Julia03896841 on Twitter